Circle Of Love – Steve Miller

When I met you baby You put a circle of love around me Ooooooooh When I met you baby You put a circle of love around me And I

Italian X Rays – Steve Miller

Pulled down the shade And turned out the light I fell asleep, and I began to dream The most extraordinary beautiful dream Incense and perfume filled the air The

My Dark Hour – Steve Miller

My dark hour, you know it’s drivin’ me wild Well, well, I went to see the doctor And I had my fortune read And you know the doctor told

Dime-A-Dance Romance – Steve Miller

Just a lookin’ to go for a ride Lookin’ to see what it’s all about Before she can be satisfied Or maybe she’s cool and still goin’ to school

Blue Eyes – Steve Miller

It’s hard to tell by the company I keep That I’m tryin’ to live in a state of grace It’s risky business, it’s the queen of hearts That’s the

Overdrive – Steve Miller

And you are in the eye There ain’t no movement Things that could die But the reelin’ and the spinnin’ Of the rock and roll sides Will all be

Journey From Eden – Steve Miller

For you, for me Look at all the pointless suffering Humanity I am dreaming of a garden And I see the midnight flight Of a blackbird, through my vision

Your Cash Ain’t Nothin’ But Trash – Steve Miller

One, two, three, hey Yeah It’s alright Look here I was walking down the main track One night I met a fine chick She was built just right She

Horse And Rider – Steve Miller

Like a midnight flyer (Like a midnight flyer) I’m coming to you, coming to you And there’s nothing pretty baby that I wouldn’t rather do Look outside your window,

Ya Ya – Steve Miller

Uh-huh, alright Sittin’ here la la, waitin’ on my ya ya Uh-huh, she’s outta sight May sound funny, but I don’t believe she’s coming Uh-huh, uh-huh Hey baby hurry,

Behind The Barn – Steve Miller

Way back down on the farm Went to see my woman Way back on the farm Sundown’s gonna catch me In my sweet baby’s arms She likes to rock

Stranger Blues – Steve Miller

And I just moved into your town I’m a stranger here And I just moved into your town Because I’m a stranger Everybody’s doggin’ me around Doggin’ me around

Jet Airliner – Steve Miller

I’ve been down before Ridin’ along in this big ol’ jet plane I’ve been thinkin’ about my home But my love light seems so far away And I feel

Jackson-Kent Blues – Steve Miller

Headed for Ohio when I read the news ‘Bout the people demonstrating ‘gainst the President’s views Four were shot down by the National Guard troops Just like Uncle Sam

Just A Passin’ Fancy In A Midnite Dream – Steve Miller

You go down ’bout Tuesday afternoon You’ll be powerless and squirming by Wednesday You know you can’t get enough too soon You won’t know what kind of change I

Living In The 20th Century – Steve Miller

20th century Working on the line just trying to make a dollar Along came the boss and he tapped me on the shoulder He said I got to make

Macho City – Steve Miller

Macho City Macho City Macho City (Macho City) Welcome to the entertainment Here now are the facts (Macho City) Presented by reporters Wearing macho slacks (Macho City) All around

Mercury Blues – Steve Miller

I tell you what I’d do I would go downtown Buy a Mercury or two Cause I’m crazy ’bout a Mercury Cruise up and down this road Up and

Midnight Train – Steve Miller

Woooo oh oh oh oh ohh whoa In the middle of the night You’re all alone, no one is in sight You don’t have to worry, don’t you be

The Joker – Steve Miller

Some call me the gangster of love Some people call me Maurice Cause I speak of the pompitous of love People talk about me, baby Say I’m doin’ you