Been There – Steve Wariner

And wonder where you were You need the one and only that can hold you tight And reach for her, but sheЎЇs not with you You just wish this

Make It Look Easy – Steve Wariner

But by the way IЎЇm carrying on YouЎЇd think I was youЎЇd think IЎЇd lost my mind Since youЎЇve been gone Why canЎЇt I just walk away You know

Since You Walked Away – Steve Wariner

Every night when the shadows come When the world slows down When the day is done The clock don’t move and the phone don’t ring I’m alone again It’s

I’ll Always Have Denver – Steve Wariner

Our weekend in Atlanta was a total disaster We argued and you caught the first plane home We made up and went to Memphis but there wasn’t any difference

Two Teardrops – Steve Wariner

Two teardrops were floatin’ down the river One teardrop said to the other I’m from the soft blue eyes of a woman in love I’m a tear of joy

Turn In The Road – Steve Wariner

I remember back when I was just a kid A little schoolyard fight And IЎЇd come running home again IЎЇm not really sure what I wanted her to do

So Much – Steve Wariner

So near so far This close to her heart The right word the right time I know she would’ve been all mine One day she’s bound to see How

If You Don’t Know By Now – Steve Wariner

We’ve talked it out for hours and you’re still havin’ doubts Shouldn’t love be somethin’ you don’t have to figure out How can I ever know just where we

Tattoos Of Life – Steve Wariner

When you’ve hitched every highway And rode all the rails You’re no longer afraid of the dark You get tougher than leather and harder than nails When you’ve earned

Hands Of Time – Steve Wariner

Runnin’ down the interstate Coffee drippin’ down my leg Every day I’m runnin’ late Gettin’ slapped around by the hands of time Next lane there’s a pick-up A girl

Talk To Her – Steve Wariner

Boys we’re living in a brave new world Let me tell you what I’ve learned about girls In this age of high tech and state of the art When

Blinded – Steve Wariner

But itЎЇs hard to keep your balance when your running into walls But thereЎЇs an explanation baby for the situation IЎЇm in Chorus: I am blinded by the light

That’s Love For You – Steve Wariner

Well you say you wanna know where I stand Before you fall You say love’s definition is not The same for us all Well I can understand why you’re

I’m Already Taken – Steve Wariner

My little third grade hand wrote I love you On a note of yellow paper And sent it to the front of the row to a little blonde-haired girl

Waiting In The Wings – Steve Wariner

How he longed to feel the light JimmyЎЇs older brothers sure could make some noise So he became the quiet type But deep inside he had some powerful dreams

Faith In You – Steve Wariner

And one day you lost all your light And you disappeared IЎЇd stand in the dark all alone And wait through the night And IЎЇd feel no fear I

I’ve Been In That Movie – Steve Wariner

Somewhere in Dallas she is breaking someone’s heart The way that she broke mine in two Somewhere tonight there is a man down on his knees And he don’t

Cry No More – Steve Wariner

I know he was cruel to you He kept you down He never heard the voice inside you Never heard the sound Of angels singing you know they are

You Be My Everything – Steve Wariner

The competition’s getting tough Good enough ain’t good enough Lately I’ve been workin’ way too hard Go ahead and take my hand Forget about the rainbow’s end I’d have

For The First Time – Steve Wariner

Are those your eyes Is that your smile I’ve been looking at you forever Yet I never saw you before Are these your hands Holding mine Now I wonder