The Nightmare – Stevie Nicks

Thrown down through the arms of sleep She fell through the ivory morning Deep into the waters Of the one she called love She paled in the wake Of

Two Kinds Of Love – Stevie Nicks

Ooh and on you run You search for love and you hate searching You wait for love and you hate waiting You say I hate this Well it’s just

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around – Stevie Nicks

Baby you’ll come knocking on my front door Same old line you used to use before I said ya… well… what am I supposed to do I didn’t know

Nothing Ever Changes – Stevie Nicks

If it’s me that’s driving you to this madness Then there’s one thing that I’d like to say Take a look at your life and your lovers Nothing ever

Twisted – Stevie Nicks

You think you hear demons, I think you are the demon In this place where images are born You remember your childhood, Oh, fire in sequences The sun goes

Free Fallin’ – Stevie Nicks

She’s a good girl, loves her mama loves Jesus, and America too She’s a good girl, crazy ’bout Elvis Loves horses and her boyfriend too It’s a long day

Trouble In Shangri-La – Stevie Nicks

I remember him, he was very young No one spoke like him, he was someone And I carried on, like I couldn’t stop All of it for us, baby

Bombay Sapphire – Stevie Nicks

Were to me–everything That love stood for To love one another for awhile Was enough– It was all that I lived for How can I go on without you

Sweet Girl – Stevie Nicks

And he says, “;What do you love to do? Outside your world, Who spends timewith you? Whom do you love when you’re not working? Sweet Girl…. Where would you

Thousand Days – Stevie Nicks

The closest you’ve ever come to me Was to help me up the stairs You stood in the middle of the stairway You nearly dragged me up the stairs

Fall From Grace – Stevie Nicks

I choose to be his confidant And to keep him from the fire I choose to be quietly discreet If that is his desire I touch with gossamer wings

Gold And Braid – Stevie Nicks

Though deep set and somewhat shadowed Her life…her mystery Well It’s not so different than the way that he said “;So don’t hide behind your eyes from me that

Love Is Like A River – Stevie Nicks

You used to call me wicked I used to call you friend They say your life is wild Compared to what lifestyle You must have many things to remember

Edge Of Seventeen – Stevie Nicks

Sings a song… Sounds like she’s singing… Whoo… whoo… whoo… Just like the white winged dove… Sings a song… Sounds like she’s singing… Ooo baby… ooo… said ooo And

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You – Stevie Nicks

Has anyone ever written anything for you In all your darkest hours Have you ever heard me sing Listen to me now You know I’d rather be alone Than

No Spoken Word – Stevie Nicks

I was just that old That August dark, dark day Swear that you never saw her face Swear that you never heard her say No spoken word No small

Sister Honey – Stevie Nicks

Alright, baby Well, I think you will like Sister Honey She will help you Make up your mind even if you don’t need her Tell her you need her

Kick It – Stevie Nicks

I’ll stay with you one more night I’ll bid you no goodbyes Not until tomorrow’s light Then I’ll say goodnight I would really rather die Than make you stop

Beauty And The Beast – Stevie Nicks

You’re not a stranger to me And you are something to see You don’t even know how to please You say a lot but you’re unaware how to leave

Battle Of The Dragon – Stevie Nicks

This was not pre-planned but after some calls I decided to go to the other side of the world I see something, I see a handsome soldier I see