Season Of Change – Stratovarius

Season of Change life feels so strange. Look into my eyes do you see the truth. I’m lost and alone feelings unknown. They come to me stronger than before.

We Hold The Key – Stratovarius

I’m watching as the morning sun rises. Before my very eyes revealing all this beauty. Questions fill my mind once again, clearing my thoughts. Have I been blind? Now

Madness Strikes At Midnight – Stratovarius

He’s crawling out from the asylum, Under cover of the night. Insanity of his crazy mind, It’s useless for you now to hide. Walking the streets someone’s in sight.

Babylon – Stratovarius

A new day is rising in ancient Babylon revealing mysteries to see. And the endless caravan never ending it’s journey with the wings of the wind I will fly.

Phoenix – Stratovarius

I am facing the truth I got to change the way I live Canґt go on this way The price is too high to pay After the rain I

Will The Sun Rise? – Stratovarius

Throwing my dreams out of my mind casting them into the sky, canceling tasks I’ve delayed for so long now it’s do or die. I can’t be seen I

Visions – Stratovarius

I have seen the future of mankind, the wisdom of my prophecies you’ll find. Follow the truth and be careful are we the last? Hundred years has passed what

Father Time – Stratovarius

Walking down the path that lead me to my memories. Facing all the way without a care in my stride. Where are the friends of my yesterday, havge they

No Turning Back – Stratovarius

So long I have been accepting what I’ve seen, never really speaking my mind. Now the heat’s leaking out. I’d like to scream and shout. I want to leave

Infinity – Stratovarius

Mother watch your children The iron fist of fear is ruling our lives It’s not too late to change the course We can make this world a better place

Tomorrow – Stratovarius

I’m staring out the window wondering will I soon know. The answer to the questions within where should I begin. I’m delusioned by a clear winter night, while trying

The Abyss Of Your Eyes – Stratovarius

I feel like I’m drowning Trying to catch my breath Don’t know what is happening There’s no sense of time Deep underneath my skin Feeling the pain within hear

Anthem Of The World – Stratovarius

The setting sun creates another world. The shadows fall another day is in the end. The paradise is sleeping peacefully. and one more day is again history. Tell me

We Are The Future – Stratovarius

What is wrong with a man destroying the land, our planet is full of waste. Sheltering ozone layer is no more a shield, the temperature is rising up. Now

Night Time Eclipse – Stratovarius

If I could stay awake for awhile I would see another morning. Don’t wanna fall asleep now when everything seems so far and beyond. Walking down a familiar road

Destiny – Stratovarius

The times are changing so fast, I wonder how long it lasts. The clock is ticking time is running out. The hatred fills this Earth and for what is

Legions – Stratovarius

Far in the core of the earth First it was given birth We heard the call the message was so clear The tracks were laid for the future to

Glory Of The World – Stratovarius

The sun is setting on the pain the people freezing in the rain the Earth is rolling in her grave I beg the light up in the sky to

Eternity – Stratovarius

When clouds are covering the sky I can’t help thinking what’s behind. In a fading evening I can feel strange thoughts in my mind. What if we aren’t alone

Freedom – Stratovarius

Higher I set my goals everyday I make my own rules that I will obey each moment As long as I live This is the life I was born