Razor Blade – Strokes, The

I bet you pick it up and mess around with it If I put it down It gets extremely complicated Anything to forget everything You got to take me

Soma – Strokes, The

Saw pain in a new way High stakes for a few names Racing against sunbeams Losing against factories In your eyes, I am Stop, and go In your eyes,

Ize of the World – Strokes, The

’cause they’ll be trying to knock you down in some way Sometimes it feels like the world is falling asleep How do you wake someone up from inside a

Barely Legal – Strokes, The

I spent the money that I saved up Oh, Momma running out of luck Like my sister, don’t give a fuck I wanna steal your innocence To me, my

I Can’t Win – Strokes, The

All alone and all surrounded Walking on the ground you’re breaking Laughing at the life you’re wasting 1 – 2 tries won’t do it You do it all your

On The Other Side – Strokes, The

Of everyone I see on the street and on TV On the other side, on the other side Nobody’s waiting for me on the other side I hate them

The Way It Is – Strokes, The

One more day Said she’s not sorry the wind blows her way Accidents happen, there’s one planned today Oh you see… I wish it was not true But that’s

You Only Live Once – Strokes, The

Others are quiet and uptight Others they seem so very nice nice nice nice (oh-ho) Inside they might feel sad and wrong (oh no) Twenty-nine different attributes Only seven

Vision of Division – Strokes, The

You could be Tell me a tale Just like me Don’t turn it my way Happy and free I’ll turn it to shit Happy and free… All that I

Automatic Stop – Strokes, The

I wanted you, you wanted me That’s just a phase it’s got to pass I was a train moving too fast Didn’t understand what to see Yeah, then I

12:51 – Strokes, The

Your friend told you ’cause I told her Friday nights have been lonely Change your plans and then phone me We could go and get forties Fuck going to

Evening Sun – Strokes, The

But they will never let you be They’ll thrill you or sedate you but they will never let you see In the evening sun In the evening sun Encourage

Under Control – Strokes, The

I don’t want to waste your time. I just want to say – I’ve got to say, We worked hard, darling We don’t have no control We’re under control

New York City Cops – Strokes, The

Rise to the bottom of the meaning of life Studied all the rules didn’t want no part But I let you in just to break this heart Even though

The End Has No End – Strokes, The

It’s not the secret of the government That’s keeping you dumb Oh, it’s the other way around – wait… What’s that sound? One by one, baby, here they come.

What Ever Happened? – Strokes, The

and I don’t want to be reminded. You say “please don’t make this harder.” No, I won’t yet. I wanna be beside her. She wanna be admired. You say

The Modern Age – Strokes, The

This little story, a long time ago Stop to pretend, stop pretending It seems this game is simply neverending Oh in the sun shine having fun, it’s in my

Reptilia – Strokes, The

“Tell us a story I know you’re not boring” I was afraid that you would not insist. “You sound so sleepy just take this, now leave me” I said

Last Nite – Strokes, The

Last night, she said: “Oh, baby, I feel so down. Oh it turns me off, When I feel left out” So I, I turned round: “Oh, baby, don’t care

Heart in a Cage – Strokes, The

When I’m fucking around And I don’t write better When I’m stuck in the ground So don’t teach me to listen Cause I’ve already learned Yeah the sun will