A Man Of Great Promise – Style Council

And I read of how you died in pain – Well I just couldn’t understand it If I could of changed that, then Lord knows I’d do it now

Down In The Seine – Style Council

All the reasons I had when the purpose was mine Now I stumble so fast rolling into the night Kiss me quick before I land and am broken in

All Gone Away – Style Council

Having free reign with the town so bleak – Like everything else it’s – all gone away. The Town Hall clock gives forth its chime, For no-one there to

It Just Came To Pieces In My Hands – Style Council

I never really thought about the drop I trod over rocks to get there Just so I could stand on top Clumsy and blind I stumbled As I crawled

Speak Like A Child – Style Council

You’re a bonafide in every respect You are walking through streets that mean nothing to you You believe you’re above it and I don’t really blame you Maybe that’s

HEADSTART FOR HAPPINESS (single Version) – Style Council

You’re there to save my life for our obvious goal We’ve got a headstart for happiness For our part, guess we must be blessed For this feeling to be

Boy Who Cried Wolf – Style Council

I lie awake at nights and – think about me All those usual things like what a fool I’ve been I curse the awful way – that I let

How She Threw It All Away – Style Council

freedoms never cheap But all the things she needed in life – she had no need to keep. Of all the things she asked of me none were ever

Luck – Style Council

The day you happend to come by – You caught me feeling all was useless And left me feeling ten feet high Now nothing again will be quite the

The Gardener Of Eden – Style Council

When the world ws young and all the earth was mine Mine to tend to, to plough and to sow. Before mankind came and rendered all things low. And

A Gospel – Style Council

Was the hatred of weakness and the love of guns A talk of peace but not in our time To save our souls and stop the crime Onwards and

The Story Of Someone’s Shoe – Style Council

Something in their eyes or something in the drink But whatever it is they both stop and think There’s no going back and nothing above It’s lust or loneliness

CONFESSIONS 1, 2 & 3 – Style Council

but don’t count me down, Down to what you wanted of me Now I know – I could not be, Confessions of the fool of dreams As I once

Wanted – Style Council

She keeps on stopping Right in front of my eyes Though I try and try I can’t hide anymore Letting my feelings speak for me But when I try

Money-Go-Round – Style Council

‘Cause they won’t shake the roots of the money tree No good praying to the pristine alters Waiting for the blessing with Holy water They like the same old

Heaven’s Above – Style Council

Oh, we’ve killed off the thing we had so little of True, love has no truth without a price But the cost of loving has been blown sky high

Angel – Style Council

Wrap it all around you I won’t be satisfied with just a piece of your heart Angel, you’re my Angel Dreams are Dreams and some dreams come true I

Confessions Of A Pop Group – Style Council

told when to sit don’t know where you stand too busy recreating the past to live in the future. Poor relations to Uncle Sam – bears no relation to

You’re The Best Thing – Style Council

I might win much more but lose all that is mine I could be a lot but I know I’m not I’m content just with the riches that you

Changing Of The Guard – Style Council

Like changing the guard it only lasts for hours, Wondering what and where did it go Crying over nothing worth crying for Once in a while – I still