Song Everything Is Cool – Styx

Lead Vocals by Tommy Shaw

It’s coming on like a fever
Burning deep inside of your brain
Have you become a believer
Have you gone a little insane

Tonight your life is a party
Let the celebration begin
Turn on the lights and let’s start it
Find out what condition your condition is in

Check in
Check out
No one needs to know
What you’re thinking about
In the here
In the now
You can take it in
While you’re working it out
‘Cause you’re into it
When you’re out of it
Everything is cool in the land
Of the brave new world

Hail to the new corporation
Fulfilling every need and desire
Come take a mental vacation
The reservation never expires

I say we make it a holiday
Bigger than the 4th of July
Declare a new Independance Day
Yeah there’s nothing to it
You can do it if you try

Time is always on our side
Love is there to be our guide
We are spirits pure and free
And all our dreams are meant to be

But if we were granted just one minute
To choose a dream and stay there in it
How could we decide?

We are a sea of tranquility
We are the new golden age
History is a mystery
We will start it over on
A blank new page

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