Performer SUEDE

Beautiful Ones – Suede

shaking their bits to the hits, Drag acts, drug acts, suicides, in your dad1s suits you hide staining his name again, Cracked up, stacked up, 22, psycho for sex

She’s In Fashion – Suede

She’s the body on the morning show She’s there shaking it out on the scene And she’s the colour of a magazine (chorus) And she’s in fashion Ouh Ouh

By The Sea – Suede

She can walk out anytime, anytime she feels that life has passed her by, And when I start my new life I won1t touch the ground, I1m gonna try

Saturday Night – Suede

but it’ll be alright, Cos tonight we’ll go dancing, we’ll go laughing, we’ll get car sick, and it’ll be okay like everyone says, it’ll be alright and ever so

Electricity – Suede

We got a love from our violent homes We got a love and it got no name We kiss our love with lips like pain We got a lotta

Whipsnade – Suede

Shines the minds of fine enlightend minds coast to coast We are only youngbut we style our future with a cattle gun We are idle rich so we smile

Killing Of A Flash Boy – Suede

And go shaking on the scene like killing machines And they know that when she’s stacked up top She’ll be a sucker for the shotgun show Shaking obscene like

Together – Suede

Don’t someone have the guts to complain? Said “;superman I’m a big fan Let’s get something straight Well you don’t have the guts to complain”; Now your son’s coming

Picnic By The Motorway – Suede

Don’t you worry, I1ll buy us a bottle and we1ll drink in the petrol fumes, I1m so sorry to hear about your world, Don’t you worry, There1s a gap

The Asphalt World – Suede

She comes to me and I supply her with Ecstasy Sometimes we ride in a taxi to the ends of the city Like big stars in the back seat

Heroine – Suede

Discarding her clothes in the plastic flowers Pornographic and tragic in black and white My Marilyn come to my slum for an hour I’m aching to see my heroine

The Wild Ones – Suede

Sky high in the airwaves on the morning show And there’s a lifeline slipping as the record plays And as I open the blinds in my mind I’m believing

Everything Will Flow – Suede

Watch the early morning sun Drip like blood from the day See the crazy people run So many games to play See the blue suburban dream Under the jet

Modern Boys – Suede

we could lie on the rails and when the morning comes we’ll be miles away, miles away slipping away while the city sleeps running away from this cruel disease

Daddy’s Speeding – Suede

Took the film to No. I Crashed the car and left us here Broken glass for teenage boys trapped in steel and celluloid Crashed the car and left us

Sadie – Suede

In the parked cars and the pretty parks, and in every disease In the new loves under covers, in the cold touch of the right In the dead flowers

New Generation – Suede

Screaming my name through the astral plane And in this catalogue town she takes me down Down through the platinum spires Down through the telephone wires And we shake

Elephant Man – Suede

That sounds like buildinggs tumbling down And people wish that they weren’t around When we all rock and roll into town We hear those fearful, piercing screams The kind

The 2 Of Us – Suede

That song goes through my head, the one we both knew In each line lies another line full of sacred sound But you’re outside where the companies dream and

He’s Gone – Suede

Eyes on the phone You pour all the love that you keep inside Into a song Like ‘He’s Gone’ And these are the thoughts that you keep inside You