Torn Into Enthrallment – Suffocation

To serve the higher cause. Pawns of twisted vision. Manipulate to do thy bidding. It is easy for them. To control us this way. To think is obsolete. Therefore

Pierced From Within – Suffocation

Murder is etched in the deepest chasms of the soul. Salvation stripped from the origin of existence. Obstinacy abandons, as you yield your world to me. Decree of my

Ornaments Of Decrepancy – Suffocation

insanity. An insanity concealed but very much present, waiting to be released upon all. Those who deserve, and those innocently taken are now victims of a disease with no

The Invoking – Suffocation

beast. Murdering had become a daily ritual. The able – bodied minds of the world try to solve the problems. With their pathetic solutions. As long as the underworld

Mass Obliteration – Suffocation

The planet as we know it, taken by demented minds. Warheads produced to exterminate the earth. The sacrifice will lead us to our death, no rebirth. No one has

Seeds Of The Suffering – Suffocation

Futile words of evasion. The gods that have once spoken to me. Have abandoned me to my pre – destined state. A state in which there are no words,

Breeding The Spawn – Suffocation

Ancient scriptures of predicted demise. A world encased in the womb of it’s ignorance. Extinction will be swift, relentless butchery. The structure collapses, spewing forth mutation. Plague bathes the

Funeral Inception – Suffocation

Endemicy – Enthrall the underworld Pervade the bodies once their souls have gone astray Gravitation – Await the birth of death Despair is nurtured in the womb of annihilation

Suspended In Tribulation – Suffocation

Curious thoughts, I confront my mortality. Uncertain to the laws of the unknown. I have no fear in facing trials of the mind one by one. Sifting through ossuaries

Devoid Of Truth – Suffocation

Your life has been planned since the day you were born Affliction undefinable, condemned to suffer with the norm Burden of despair – Traits of self denial Raised and

Depths Of Depravity – Suffocation

You make me hate my existence. You will soon surpass your own fucking life. Now the time has come for you to see your death. I cut your flesh.

Prelude To Repulsion – Suffocation

alleviate the pain I feel, for soon many will die as they come before me with effortless attempts. The search for divine power beckons me and the only way

Habitual Infamy – Suffocation

Conceptual lords above bathing in your inquiry. Memorizing thoughts thought hallucinations of despair. Imminence burns within, plague yourself to disrespect. Battered visions, desolation drips into your eyes. A feeling

Jesus Wept – Suffocation

Words spoken from a book, tell you never to change. After death you a taught, your soul will cleansed. But even reduced to ashes, the misery still prevails. The

Catatonia – Suffocation

Force fed immobilization Man made liquid controlling my limbs I want to die, no reason for living Dealing with complications life brings A corpse with no thoughts No feelings

Beginning Of Sorrow – Suffocation

You cannot build but can destroy with what is left on earth. Damage, now permanent, is yet enhanced day by day by unstoppable greed. You are never truly happy

Anomalistic Offerings – Suffocation

piece of the puzzle locked inside. It only takes the right key to open the subconscious. Once inside, it feeds like a leech sucking the blood of an organism.

Brood Of Hatred – Suffocation

Scanning the cosmic blackened abyss. Planting the seed of their horror and hatred. Mankind was created to be violent and sick. Feasting on the screams of the pain we

Thrones Of Blood – Suffocation

What possesses an individual to kill. I have often pondered the thought. Time and time again. Now it’s clear to me. They want me to be part of this

Reincremation – Suffocation

The population has been reduced, a world condemned to horrid death. And the blood of others heads their saviour, an artificial homicide. The strong and feevle, all will die.