Run For Cover – Sugababes

Then I, get turned around I tend to, cut myself off From things, I shouldn’t run from It doesn’t really matter Sometimes we run for cover I’m always on

Overload – Sugababes

The boy’s coming and I’m close to tears I can’t let go of you now Imagination’s playing round for free In my world I take him out for tea

One Touch – Sugababes

I know you say i’m young But he don’t wanna hurt me Never has to try, special kinda guy I get these funny feelings Whenever he’s around me One

One Foot In – Sugababes

I understand what you meant back then All your times into suspend Between half-past seven to quarter-past ten All you need in me to surpass Negative energies that had

Just Let It Go – Sugababes

He made me feel alright Now everything’s gone wrong We where so tight He ain’t the one So just move on It’s time that you let it go How

Look At Me – Sugababes

With your life experience But I gotta learn from my mistakes – not yours Let me fly to my own fate a little please Wrap me up and guard

Lush Life – Sugababes

Lush life Takes away the time Lush life Takes away the time Take one step at a time Boy I’m still in my prime I want the lush life

Same Old Story – Sugababes

You said that you’d give me everything What’s happening? How could you lie how could you be so trifflin’ What’s going on? Coz I thought that you where the

New Year – Sugababes

About how fast the year can go I wonder where it went If we start all over again, would it really work I know that you could be, could

Real Thing – Sugababes

Turn me over, turn me over again Turn me over, turn me over again Hey boy! Don’t you know that you’re the only one for me (oh baby) We

Promises – Sugababes

It’s OK, to break your promises You’re moving on anyway I hate the way It makes me feel inside You promised me You’d be all that I need I

Soul Sound – Sugababes

And oh you wouldn’t believe What’s happening to me Expectations all around My intuition knows no doubt I could Lose my way on this merry-go-round So I, like a