Performer SUNDAYS

Leave This City – Sundays

theyЎЇve boarded-up the cinema strawberry dreams and the dust-filled beams shut down in a modern town see you walking, see you talking recollection on streets you used to know

Medicine – Sundays

lose my mind here any day now don’t be sad, we’re only half way there o no, that’s what I call home you remember the hills we slithered down

Blood On My Hands – Sundays

you know it can’t be bad and on any other day I’d be soul destroyed but now I can’t afford to listen to a word they say and of

God Made Me – Sundays

seeing it’s worth the effort I forgive myself talks that we had are becoming a blur if only I could love my neighbour waiting here for the next time

Hideous Towns – Sundays

I’ll join the army, the Salvation Army but it didn’t help don’t ask me why, don’t ask me why I joined the army, but it drove me barmy and

Another Flavour – Sundays

they taste another flavour and pretty soon youЎЇre gone fashion – this time itЎЇs too late you knew youЎЇd have to pay for this one day he loves me

When I’m Thinking About You – Sundays

beat of a bass drum cars passing me by under a bridge dark then back into light a river of raincoats and a forest of faces still for a

Love – Sundays

back to the day I was born on they slapped me into line as it crossed my mind I’ve felt better I’ve felt worse this is my life and

Can’t Be Sure – Sundays

give me possessions oh love luck and money they go to my head like wildfire it’s good to have something to live for you’ll find live for tomorrow live

Monochrome – Sundays

me and my sister we crept down like shadows theyЎЇre bringing the moon right down to our sitting room static and silence and a monochrome vision theyЎЇre dancing around

Here’s Where The Story Ends – Sundays

I can see how people look down, they’re on the inside here’s where the story ends people I see, weary of me showing my good side I can see

I Won – Sundays

and I’d like to take some matches there and set it alight I can, cos I’ve seen those kind of places before ooh, I’d like to have a party

What Do You Think? – Sundays

will you take any message? I need a night off I can’t stay here I’m sure to find a way out of this I need a night off just

I Feel – Sundays

don’t wake me up yet o the young & the old they get everything & it’s my turn I’m here, I’m someone to know I’m calling the tune but

My Finest Hour – Sundays

my clothes, they show me up I never knew this before the finest hour that I’ve ever known was finding a pound on the Underground when my words came

Skin & Bones – Sundays

you know, all the way home whether the world will see I’m a better man than others by far you know, I’ve had it so good how loathsome, and

A Certain Someone – Sundays

read your stars, day by day if I could have anything in the world for free I wouldn’t share it with anyone else but me oh, live your life,

You’re Not The Only One I Know – Sundays

you’ll find me in the lavatory and where’s the harm in talking out loud when I’m on my own what’s so wrong with reading my stars when I’ll be

Summertime – Sundays

in a heart-shaped hotel room it’s what a heart is for the bubble floats so madly will it stay sky-high? Hello partner, kiss your name bye-bye ooh sometimes… romantic

So Much – Sundays

Slave to your desire, you’ll buy anything Curse and criticize middle-aged and at your door and they’re selling you the son of God it’s so hard to ignore You