The Ocean – Sunny Day Real Estate

I see you’re under my skin Cruel to say I’ve known the best of my life Never again to hear The rivers’ song so clear Everyday’s another scene The

Guitar And Video Games – Sunny Day Real Estate

I remember you at the top of my room all these things we wondered how to hide see how it works when all the day long in a bottle

Song About An Angel – Sunny Day Real Estate

Still Away Sleep Close My Eyes An Image Of Your Face Traced In White Sand Underneath Undefined I Lay Down With Arms Outstreched I Embrace The Fall And All

48 – Sunny Day Real Estate

When I Looked In Your Eyes I Tried To Disguise Myself Fear Inside Fear Inside My Love The Suffering Moved And Breathed Our Hands Silhouettes Against The Sky Against

Fool In The Photograph – Sunny Day Real Estate

A soul many times revealed The scars only have concealed I wonder how many days I’ll bleed With the words I refuse to form Now I will be free

How It Feels To Be Something On – Sunny Day Real Estate

a field of wires we’ll see what it’s worth to walk to break the lines of alternate steel if I turn around what matters the most in time we’re

J’nuh – Sunny Day Real Estate

And then a green bird, a few, that play all around me (And in a river I view a play of her and me) Under the shade of a

The Blankets Were The Stairs – Sunny Day Real Estate

When Pain From Your Heart Left Its Trace In Written Words Held Like A Seam I Have No Hand To Heal I Can’t Imagine Your Emotions Wrapped Around Inferior

Killed By An Angel – Sunny Day Real Estate

Welcome to the lonesome world of Abel Where every brother’s knife is set to slay you And paranoia keeps you healthy Crooked deals can make you wealthy Serum vials

Theo B – Sunny Day Real Estate

is it my imagination For we reached to one against all white left smoke in your eyes And they were offering me good advice Try to tie an arrow

Disappear – Sunny Day Real Estate

We’re miles away from home We sink like stones And we’re lost beneath the waves Not a trace to mark the graves Lost and tired And chained Of course

Tearing In My Heart – Sunny Day Real Estate

Tearing in my heart When the world falls apart And it’s almost too hard Tearing in your mind How the pain makes you blind And when it’s all said

8 – Sunny Day Real Estate

So beautiful my dream Overcome Rain song Rain song So beautiful my dream Overcome Drives me crazy Look on the side The lighter side Set in store that split

The Rising Tide – Sunny Day Real Estate

Cover your eyes with rose but the stain remains Will you escape your life with all the walls you build? Smother your will and lead you into fasion… Morning

Shadows – Sunny Day Real Estate

Buried In Me Lies A Child’s Toy In The Shadows The Name Is Unknown To Me In The Shadows Gray Crusaders With Tails Mother Made In The Shadows Will

Two Promises – Sunny Day Real Estate

trapped in the gloom of the dying light his heart pleads through the wounds that he bleeds the wounds he never can close wrong way mind in a haze

Faces In Disguise – Sunny Day Real Estate

Another layer on my back A blazing fire where our glances meet The largest feeling towering over me Faces in disguise Not a trace of desire I long to

Pillars – Sunny Day Real Estate

i know you want to be the rain and I know that we would fall in there for a time and then unfall again for awhile I take you

Television – Sunny Day Real Estate

Watching her move how she tells a story It’s only a dream of lovers and lies She’s cruel and she’s free like television She’s in my head Like television

Waffle – Sunny Day Real Estate

Standing here alone in the dark know my place Down where I’ve gone next time Show me your glory won’t go away won’t go away Then I saw the