Performer SUNZ OF-MAN

The Plan – Sunz Of Man

You think you got it all setup You think you got the perfect plan You think you got it all setup You think you got the perfect plan Prodigal

Tribulations – Sunz Of Man

I ain’t want nothing known but a bank roll. On the other side of 123rd St., bro’. Nothing known but a bank roll. On the other side of 123rd

Flaming Swords – Sunz Of Man

My sons, absolutes, and friends I like the idea of being a soldier, in the army of the lord (continues preaching) Arch Rivals We got the Kingston young ones

Natural High – Sunz Of Man

In the Beginning, no different from the ending It’s the Killah Priest, Iron Sheik from the middle east Lacing it Sunz Of Man, you know what Im sayin Big

Shining Star – Sunz Of Man

Intro : Ol’ Dirty Bastard Yeah, knah I’m sayin’? This is what you call making history right here The Fifth Element Earth, Wind, Fire, Sunz Of Man knah i’m

Illusions – Sunz Of Man

Aiyyo this rap game aint what it seems Artists get cream turn fiend Selling people a dream Aiyyo, you rappers dont amuse me wit your

For The Lust Of Money/The Grandz – Sunz Of Man

We’re supposed to be into this together man You know I’m fuckin? can’t be layin? on me man Yo I just gave you twenty dollars man What the fuck

Israeli News – Sunz Of Man

Oh yeah. It’s time for us to unite. All tribes. Uh. Hispanic brothers. Black brothers. Mexicano. Know why? Chorus: Killah Priest In the ways of the world today It’s

Can I See You – Sunz Of Man

Yo, you couldn’t see my with a telescope Words to cancer smoke, your antidote Give me the remote, turn them off I’ll let my album melt your ass to

Next Up – Sunz Of Man

I traveled so far Im chewin niggas lyrics for a Mars bar New era, bust em like reign terror So highly Mecca Nas a nigga died and measured The

Cold – Sunz Of Man

I walked away and I lived too cold Intro: Hell Razah This goes out. This what y’all niggaz all been looking for. A litte story for all my brothers.

Intellectuals – Sunz Of Man

Aiyyo Aiyyo, aiyyo The modern day, multi-rap, Penny Hardaway Allah’s way, God’s day, Range in the garage way Freak this, slap meat on this uniqueness Relax overseas status black

Not Promised Tomorrow – Sunz Of Man

Your not promised tommorrow ( You know what Im sayin ) We are livin by the bottle ( The pages of life turn every day ) Be careful what

Inmates To The Fire – Sunz Of Man

Tonight is the night you will lose the fight I think you’d better think twice Before you touch that mic You could lose your life When you fuck with

Collaboration ’98 – Sunz Of Man

So what we smoke cancer sticks and weed and all that good shit Fuck the world, word up Sunz of Man, Method Man, True Mast’, collabora-tion Chorus: Can’t you