Grounded – Supertones

and we’ll televise the revolution. What will save you From divine retribution? Do our part, try to make a contribution Playin’ at 11, givin’ OC noise pollution. Think long

Adonai – Supertones

But I can bust some ska, in fact the rhythm rhyme is cookin’ Brighten up your soul and loosen up your brain Make my heartbeat all fast like the

One Voice – Supertones

Our options have come down to either we do or we die. We need You now more than ever. Pull out all of the strife in the church, get

Like No One Else – Supertones

Amazing grace and sweet salvation I can’t pay You back, My Lord, so I won’t even try I will give You I and i You know when I’m standin’

He Will Always Be There – Supertones

Who am I that You would take the time to find me? Who am I that You’d reach out your hand? Lord what am I but just a sinful

O. C. Supertones – Supertones

That’s right Orange County SUPERTONES in the house full of effect ready to bust some rhymes out We’re a dance band from the Southland So come up front and

Little Man – Supertones

A high-rise to the blue skies my piece of the pie There’s a hole in my heart that I know how to fill That’s to light my cigarettes with

Dedication – Supertones

driving the same highway. Leaving behind everything and everyone you love. The cost to pay, to tell the world of Jesus. Hoping that these bridges burned will not be

Chase The Sun – Supertones

where we got spring and summer, but we skip the winter. Feel free to enter the zone of the Supertones, where late into the night we just rock the

Unite – Supertones

Believer in Christ, Yes, yes, the blessed fountain Apologetic warrior, chalk one up for the visitors Casting fiercesome light into the shadows of midnight To the underground we descend

In Between – Supertones

Half of me slave, the other half free. Righteous and sinful, both at the same time. Iniquity and purity fill up the same mind. And out of the same

Health And Wealth – Supertones

God’s their portion everyday. But we don’t know anybody who lives that way. There the church grows stronger, under politics and chains and whips. They can’t explain how they

Supertones Strike Back – Supertones

You hit, we hit back harder Like Huss and Stephen, I am not afraid to be a Martyr California sun and sky slip inside a suit and tie Chevy