What’s The Deal – Supreme Beings Of Leisure

Another turn through a wrap around bend Another fiction about the end Another heel I have to mend What’s the deal What’s the deal What’s the deal What’s the

Ain’t Got Nothin’ – Supreme Beings Of Leisure

I sleep with a book written in my head Late night calls to nowhere And no one answers back I’ve got nothing but blues for you See I ain’t

You’re Always The Sun – Supreme Beings Of Leisure

I don’t feel the day I don’t notice anything ‘Cause everything is you You’re always the sun You’re always the sun To me You’re always the sun You’re always

Nothin’ Like Tomorrow – Supreme Beings Of Leisure

Vapor kiss memory of such longing Whispered dream gone before the morning Time is such a funny thing Pulls you on like silly string Oh the pain and sorrow

Last Girl On Earth – Supreme Beings Of Leisure

A sudden flash try to shakes me Was someone singing in a dream I could not understand the voices There’s nothing out there Am I the last girl on

Strangelove Addiction – Supreme Beings Of Leisure

The truth you’ve somehow turned around I must resist your soft warm fist The pounding of a lonely sound You as thin as rain And me I wear my

Never The Same – Supreme Beings Of Leisure

You taste like home to me Echoing reverberations I am now remembering Your kiss is a dream Elations extreme One step closer I am one step closer to heaven

Truth From Fiction – Supreme Beings Of Leisure

While you were off there somewhere else I was too worried about someone else And her name could almost rhyme with mine I never meant for you to feel

Under The Gun – Supreme Beings Of Leisure

Sometimes missused and yes confused A loaded pen I dip again Another trigger happy friend I don’t know why I continue to fly In the face of reason Something

Golddigger – Supreme Beings Of Leisure

You know the pretty bird always catches the worm Got a rocket in your pocket headed straight to the top The simple life’s a joke some fools never learn