Performer SURVIVOR

Burning Bridges – Survivor

A distant fire burning through the past Deep inside my heart is yearning, A bridge is burning There’s just no turning back After all the hell I’ve tasted, Years

What Do You Really Think – Survivor

Does that look of love reflect the real you? Why does passion disappear when we’re apart, Are you secretly breaking my heart? *What do you really think, What do

Santa Ana Winds – Survivor

To spread a little hell through the heartland, It takes a good long toke then it blows the smoke Through the desert night ЁC And the wings of fire

Heart’s A Lonely Hunter – Survivor

Clouds my view And the city’s cold and lonely Without you And so I set out upon the highway Bound to leave your memory behind And the praire wind

Ever Since The World Began – Survivor

As if somebody led my hand, It seems I hardly had to steer, My course was planned. And destiny it guides us all, And by it’s hand we rise

When Seconds Count – Survivor

I’m hazy as to how it began Crazy how our lives got so tangled Now we’re simply silent partners again Secretly walking a tightrope Come fall into the arms

Children Of The Night – Survivor

Like riders on the run now, in the street– Holding back the blinding light, ‘Cause a thousand eyes can be so indiscreet, And we hide away, love the night

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way – Survivor

Was breaking up the only thing to do We live our separate lives like perfect strangers, But in the end, we’re really perfect fools — Maybe in time we’ll

Tell Me I’m The One – Survivor

I’ll give you all you need tonight There you stand with you back to the wall, You got a bad attitude I’ve watched the way that you run from

Runway Lights – Survivor

High above the streets and alleys On a home bound flight I carry Love enough for one My emotions overflowing Anticipation growing And the moment still not knowing Seems

Slander – Survivor

And just like a fire ragin’ wild in the night, The rumors hot, the room is rockin’, It’s out of control, too vicious to fight Two lovers split —

Summer Nights – Survivor

ThatЎЇs the time, again I remember the lights And all the fun of those summer nights Young and innocent and livinЎЇ fast DidnЎЇt know enough to know That a

Take You On A Saturday – Survivor

When I took you inside You were tremblinЎЇ Out in the rain, Just a face with no name In the cold And you cling to my side Like a

Rhythm Of The City – Survivor

It’s down to the wire, it’s back to the beat As the sun goes West there’s change in the wind Hear the rhythm of hearts as the night rushes

The Search Is Over – Survivor

Who am I to blame you for doubting what you feel I was always reachin’, you were just a girl I knew I took for granted the friend I

Too Hot To Sleep – Survivor

Big fan on the screen porch turnin’ Cat looking for a hidin’ place Sun sinkin’ but the fire’s still burnin’ Music playing a few doors down, I’m drawn to

Caught In The Game – Survivor

Too many times in the past when you’ve opened up your heart — You’ve had it broken in pieces, by too many lies, Still it’s hard to acknowledge the

Light Of A Thousand Smiles – Survivor

I could imagine I would imagine, That I was standing in the spotlight And if I close my eyes, very tight A crystal vision, A premonition Would find me

High On You – Survivor

To look so good and feel so right Let me tell you about the girl I met last night It’s understood, I had to reach her I let the

I Never Stopped Loving You – Survivor

It’s a vantage point so few can hope to find, And patience held the key, our love our only guarantee, Our destiny to make it through the night Through