Night Vision – Suzanne Vega

By night beware Half the world in sweetness The other in fear When the darkness takes you With her hand across your face Don’t give in too quickly Find

Calypso – Suzanne Vega

And I have lived alone I live on an island And I waken to the dawn A long time ago I watched him struggle with the sea I knew

Undertow – Suzanne Vega

I would swallow you whole I would leave only bones and teeth We could see what was underneath And you would be free then Once I thought only tears

Tired Of Sleeping – Suzanne Vega

It’s just that there’s so much to do And I’m tired of sleeping Oh Mom, the old man is telling me something His eyes are wide and his mouth

Birth-day (love Made Real) – Suzanne Vega

one thing I know this pain will go step through all that’s left to feel I wait to meet my love made real don’t move don’t touch don’t talk

My Favorite Plum – Suzanne Vega

My favorite plum hangs so far from me See how it sleeps and hear how it calls to me See how the flesh presses the skin, It must be

Predictions – Suzanne Vega

Let’s see how it’s been done. By numbers. By mirrors. By water. By dots made at random on paper. By salt. By dice. By meal. By mice. By dough

Blood Sings – Suzanne Vega

Of its own It sings to see itself again It sings to hear the voice it’s known It sings to recognize the face One body split and passed along

In Liverpool – Suzanne Vega

On Sunday No traffic On the avenue The light is pale and thin Like you No sound, down In this part of town Except for the boy in the

Small Blue Thing – Suzanne Vega

A small blue thing Like a marble Or an eye With my knees against my mouth I am perfectly round I am watching you I am cold against your

The Queen And The Soldier – Suzanne Vega

He said, “;I am not fighting for you any more”; The queen knew she’d seen his face someplace before And slowly she let him inside. He said, “;I’ve watched

Ironbound/Fancy Poultry – Suzanne Vega

where the Portuguese women come to see what you sell the clouds so low the morning so slow as the wires cut through the sky The beams and bridges

Institution Green – Suzanne Vega

The walls are cracked and dim And we are standing in a line Waiting for our faces to be seen Institution green Watch the floor and cound the hours

As A Child – Suzanne Vega

You have a doll You see this doll Sitting in her chair You watch her face Her knees apart Her eyes of glass In a secretive stare She seems

Language – Suzanne Vega

It would be rushing in Instead here we are In a silence more eloquent Than any word could ever be These words are too solid They don’t move fast

Priscilla – Suzanne Vega

And dance in the hall With the music up loud Against the light on the wall I danced beside her Feeling no shame We were in costume And this

It Makes Me Wonder – Suzanne Vega

has hit me in the mouth again as we explore the carnal score of sacred and profane sulky boy won’t drink his milk mothers breast beneath the silk remains

Penitent – Suzanne Vega

held myself above the crowd now I am low on the ground. from here I look around to see what avenues belong to me I can’t tell what I’ve

Last Year’s Troubles – Suzanne Vega

The robber on the highway the pirate on the seas Maybe it’s the clothing that’s so entertaining The earrings and swashbuckling blouses that please Here we have heroes of

Thin Man – Suzanne Vega

He is not my friend, but he is with me Like a shadow is with a foot that falls His hand is on my back when I step from