Consumption – Swollen Members

dukes in my horizon pass the time of day with me dukes in my horizon pass the time of day with me dukes in my horizon pass the

Horrified Nights – Swollen Members

A yo I’m coming with aggression No question I’m steadily progressing I’m rhyming with time and money invested I’ve been stressing, since I was an adolescent Now shit’s so

Out Of Range – Swollen Members

I choke him with strings of show and the carnival is open We just finished stringing the cardinal from the ropes And the poles and the hooks of the

Counterparts – Swollen Members

“;Check it out”; One two yo yo yo Yo hit the switch in December I’ll be on till November Bombin, disturbin the calm

Lady Venom – Swollen Members

Ever heard of Vertigo? Well ain’t no way else to go Prevail knows the faculties, our poison lay you vertical It’s only murder for every small animal committed The

Strength – Swollen Members

My comparative dissention From high as an intense discription Of why the valkyrie fly, calculate The circumference of the sky for future reference Measure it all from bird’s eye

Bless+Destroy – Swollen Members

I give you the creeps My style’s sickening First the awakening Prepare for the quickening Battle sole controller There can only be one Drink a can of Pepsi-cola While

Ground Breaking – Swollen Members

Mental, torture chamber magnificent structure Swollen sculp dust surfing senses danger Spark this bats dangle in darkness Crept beneath the depth of the swamp I’m the lochness Chop this

Circuit Breaker – Swollen Members

I’m posted in the brightest colors available A bright neon sign that says all MC’s alienable My shiftings is unscalable Take key to the contouring shape of the dagger

Bottle Rocket – Swollen Members

Yo the rhyme excursions touch minds like brain surgeons Feel the lyric tear gas even on clean versions No profanic goddammit Hard like granite to the utmost I’m