Performer SYMPHONY X

Church Of The Machine – Symphony X

Bow down in the platinum maze Twilight cathedrals spread the system plague Forging sacred thrones in the void unseen Merciless judgement in the church of the machine I’m the

Taunting The Notorious – Symphony X

Don’t give me reasons why you spread your disease like aplague Caught up in treason a faith that’s misleading and vague It’s so sad our world is breaking down

The Relic – Symphony X

Silver cross in ancient halls, deep inside the castle walls Bound to sleep, forever locked in chains Evil carved into the stone, ancient words they’ve never known A serpent’s

Through The Looking Glass – Symphony X

Part I Look to the other side, reach the undefined Curious to what she doesn’t know Step through the empty air, reveal what wasn’t there A fantasy-her looking glass

Thorns Of Sorrow – Symphony X

Beckoning me through aeons of time – captured by you in dismay I try to elude these prisions of flesh – but return to shattered domains There’s no image

Premonition – Symphony X

Unlock the doors of silence scanning eyes turn into stone pours the wine of hate and enmity Helpless minds dance in circles forever frozen within time then stare into

The Raging Season – Symphony X

From whom the Gods destroy they first make mad casting shadows on our fears Malicious designs built strong and iron-clad catostrophic conclusion, judgement closes near Chaos sets the stage

Candlelight Fantasia – Symphony X

Just one more night One more score Another question in my mind, can’t take no more Kissing the tears form my face as they fall To the ground in

Into The Dragon’s Den – Symphony X

Placid skies, through crystal gazing eyes Slaves to our desire, in a ring of smoke and fire The dungeons call, two faces on the wall Candles light the way,

Out Of The Ashes – Symphony X

In the house of my master Beyond the chains there is a bed of snakes where evil lays Oh, I hear laughter I forged the iron bars that someday

Evolution (The Grand Design) – Symphony X

Born from the light – journey into the moment, delivered from thought and sky He will be one, one with the land – Lord of wind and the sea

Communion And The Oracle – Symphony X

All we know, now has come undone Balance lost between the Moon and Sun Hear out prayers – Keepers of the Skies Divine Upon us all – let your

Savage Curtains – Symphony X

Besiege me not for what I am a man with intent in the Devil’s den for I know not what to believe yet mad I am not in trust

Egypt – Symphony X

Endless sands of Alnantees – etched in gold, a city lost in time and from the Sea – A Child speaks of things unseen, before the King – a

The Accolade – Symphony X

Into the morning sun Down his chosen road he rides to save the world Cross of crimson, robe of white Sworn to the quest for the rest of his

Of Sins And Shadows – Symphony X

Passing through the void The darkest grand illusion Chaos is riding on the wind Destroyed in agony They create a maddened lair Summon all to heed their cry Innocence

Lady Of The Snow – Symphony X

Garden of ice, ivory trees dimly glow Maiden in white, led by lanterns of stone Captured-by the light of moon Diamonds and Jade-dressed in ashen blue From the North,

A Fool’s Paradise – Symphony X

What’s become of the world – the colors unfurl revealing a blackened haze Conditioned to fear the voice that we hear – calling an end of days Millions of

Absinthe And Rue – Symphony X

In your time of dying don’t call my name so you see me as evil it’s just the same Through the windows in my mind now you’re cast in

Rapture Or Pain – Symphony X

A tearless stare encased by fear like a thread my heart is torn and ripped right from my soul with no control Suits in disguise then fades to red