Reveal The Secrets – Symphorce

Just a shadow in the dark youґve seen my face before is it just a fantasy am I coming back for more canґt say whatґs on my mind canґt

Eye Of Horus – Symphorce

There was a time when I needed to pray the color of dried blood down on my knees for now Iґll believe falling apart at the seams I gotta

Burning Star – Symphorce

The shadows are on your side as lights go down In the darkest place you find a tune of itґs own Like the haze of the afterglow jaws will

Until The Last – Symphorce

The Abomination with all itґs pestilent dreams will swallow in the darkness and relish your screams I lift my head up high and stare to the stars. To a

Drifted – Symphorce

so close, you ride side by side into the temple of light into violence over, and blinded by the white You close your eyes thy freedom rise in different

Forevermore – Symphorce

Don’t know why you’re leaving me, I can’t ignore Mmh, you always understand, what is it for real chasing after foolish dreams, time stands still your endless will I

Holy Sin – Symphorce

It comes from the depths of a place unknown to the keeper of dreams so human at sight a monster at heart tear you right apart high priest and