For Women – Talib Kweli

Yea, so we got this tune called “;For Women”; right Originally, it was by Nina Simone She said it was inspired by, you know Down south. In the south,

Name Of The Game – Talib Kweli

Persistance, dedication Consistant, motivation, resistance to stagnation of information, distribute it free to the entire population No hesitation, makin it public No privitazation from corporations Today in

RE:DEFinition – Talib Kweli

Woaaaahhhhhhh! One two three, Mos Def and Talib Kweli We came to rock it on to the tip-top Best alliance in hip-hop, wayohh I said, one two tree, Black

Hater Players – Talib Kweli

Yes.. Every day somebody ask me where all the real MC’s is at? They underground There’s mad talented cats underground with that raw shit Yaknowwhat’msayin? Bringin them raw skills

Respiration – Talib Kweli

“;We did umm, two whole cars It was me, Dez, and Main Three right? And on the first car in small letters it said ‘All you see is..’ and

Too Late – Talib Kweli

Like it’s way crunk, yeah, Fake punks get they face lumped Sent to the most high, by the most fit You gotta do, fuck that almost shit The fam

Twice Inna Lifetime – Talib Kweli

Yo, we been through this before right? (Word, word…) So we figurin’, if we gonna do it, we gotta freak it, y’know what I’m sayin? (True, true, true…) Cuz

Africa Dream – Talib Kweli

If you can walk you can dance That’s an old proverb from Zimbabwe You know what I mean If you can talk you can sing If you can walk

Love Language – Talib Kweli

Yo, we’re going to have the word love in many different languages translated all through the track So, whenever you hear the word love Know that, it’s going to

K. O. S. (Determination) – Talib Kweli

So many emcees focusin on black people extermination We keep it balanced with that knowledge of self, determination It’s hot, we be blowin the spots, with conversations C’mon let’s

This Means You – Talib Kweli

Give it to ’em (c’mon) Yo! Give it to ’em GET, UP, NOW! Yo, we keep it type raw, and know

Astronomy (8th Light) – Talib Kweli

Against the canvas of the night Appears a curious celestial phenomena called Black Star, but what is it? Black people unite and let’s all get down We

Good Mourning – Talib Kweli

Another stop… on the train (wake up… wake up… wake up…) We come to a stop that everybody got to make… Whether you local or express What’s

The Blast – Talib Kweli

Talib.. T’Kwi, Kweli – I can’t say it! That’s wack.. (Vinia Mojica) Yeah, you pronounce my name (Kweli), any questions? I bring many blessings with my man

Ghetto Afterlife – Talib Kweli

These niggaz ain’t thugs, the real thugs is the government Don’t matter if you independent, democrat or republican Niggaz politickin the street, get into beef Start blastin, now a

Down For The Count – Talib Kweli

Yeh, check it out now (uhh uhh uhh) Rah Digga y’all, Dirty Harriet (uhh!) Kweli, Xzibit, new millenium! (C’mon, check it) One, two, three, four Grimy bitch

Children’s Story – Talib Kweli

like POW! POW! POW! Whaaaaa??! Alright y’all, alright y’all enough of that it’s time to go to bed y’all Time to go to bed —

Theives In The Night – Talib Kweli

Yo Dee (What?) Come on (Yeah..) What? What? Come on (Yeah) “;Give me the fortune, keep the fame,”; said my man Louis I agreed, know what he mean because

Move Somethin’ – Talib Kweli

C’mon c’mon ya ya ya ya ya Get ’em up, get ’em up what Get ’em up, get ’em up what Get ’em up, get ’em up what Yo,

B Boys Will B Boys – Talib Kweli

Yo yo, yo, whassup, yo yo Yo yo, we gonna, we gonna slow it down so we can speed it up y’all Right now I want everybody come to