Performer TAMIA

This Time It’s Love – Tamia

Around this heart of mine Never letting no one in Didn’t think I’d need a friend Until now, feeling this way won’t do I’m ready to give all of

Can’t Go For That – Tamia

(Missy) Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh (Yo, yo, yo uh) Why you got an attitude? (Uh-huh, yo) Why you acting all foolish? (Uh-huh, yo) When you see me out in

Un’h To You – Tamia

Let me just explain what I been goin’ through So fine you are Got my mind messed up You got me thinkin’ things most blissfully Tell me if you

If I Were You – Tamia

And I see a reflection Of a smile that says you believe in love And just for a moment, I drifted away But I couldn’t stay cuz A hint

So Into You – Tamia

Thoughts of you run through my head Every time that I’m near you I realize that you’re heaven sent, baby 1 – I think you’re truly something special Just

Loving You Still – Tamia

What a life for me Now a thing don’t mean a thing Since we’ve parted Meant the world to me And though my heart’s still beatin’ When will I

Dear John – Tamia

Oh yeah, oh (Verse 1) You had just walked in from work And there’s a letter in the kitchen with your name on it Inside, you will find an

Imagination – Tamia

See, ya’ll wanna dance? (yeah yeah) Cuz I’mma make you dance (uh huh) All I want is for you to use your imagination (come on) That’s all Come on

Wanna Be – Tamia

Yeah, I’m back in this joint right here For all my people who Who sick of playin’ seconds and And takin’ somebody’s leftovers Get out the back seat,

Long Distance Love – Tamia

It’s so hard having a long distance love It seems like Well, it just seems like he’s so far away And when I call him and he doesn’t answer

Never Gonna Let You Go – Tamia

You tell me that it’s time to say goodbye, yeah You can’t even look me in my eye Did I do somethin’ wrong If you tell me that the

Careless Whisper – Tamia

A careless whisper of a good friend To the heart and mind Ignorance is kind But there’s no comfort in the truth Pain is all you’ll find I feel

Love Me In A Special Way – Tamia

Mmm yeah Tell me that you like it Oh yeah, yeah (Woo, let’s see if you remember this one) Do I?! Oh, now I have to go there Oohh

Who Do You Tell? – Tamia

With someone at least I assumed How did I know I would fall in love With you so soon Just one look in your eyes And I see the

Go – Tamia

Just thinkin’ you’ll never learn It’s like the time I packed your things And dropped ’em off where you were I know you love to wash your car So

Tell Me Who – Tamia

There’s something on my mind I can’t hold in any longer Turn around Don’t just turn the radio down I don’t wanna hear “;oh, uh, oh, uh, oh, uh”;

Can’t No Man – Tamia

Mmm, mmm, mmm (yeah) Oh oh ohh, ooh ooh (cЎЇmere baby) (Verse 1) I can’t let you go babe I don’t think that I could (I never could) Cuz

Rain On Me – Tamia

Wasting time running from my fears When all the while you’ve been right here Waiting on me If I’d have told you what I’m going through You would have

Falling For You – Tamia

Is this a fantasy come true Is this a dream that I’ve waited for Am I the one that you adore 2 – Whoa, Whoa I think I’m falling

Gotta Move On – Tamia

I seem to get this funny feelin’ When it comes to me and you Can’t say how or when But your love keeps takin’ over And I don’t know