It All Came Back Today – Tanita Tikaram

But he did not really care So I sat upon the Eve’s embraces I was never there – No, I was never really fabled I was never really lost

I Love The Heaven’s Solo – Tanita Tikaram

That you know too much Well, that you know too much to let go Now, I can’t watch you Be an Easy vision Well an Easy vision Lord I

Out On The Town – Tanita Tikaram

Just out I’m Just out Of my bed And if I Need some money I will go Get some money And if I’m I’m just out I’m just out

Twist In My Sobriety – Tanita Tikaram

Drive your problems from here All good people read good books Now your conscience is clear I hear you talk girl Now your conscience is clear In the morning

He Likes The Sun – Tanita Tikaram

It’s summertime I say I’m feeling lazy Hammocks in mind And I can’t change a thing So I won’t stay around If you can still feel so hot Why

Back In Your Arms – Tanita Tikaram

I have opened my house but it’s not like a home without you And I really don’t want to feel that you’re not here ’cause I would be Back

Women Who Cheat On The World – Tanita Tikaram

When you are not all together And you feel your face is a fiery place For many tears Who looks upon a picture and really feels a thrill Oh,

I Don’t Wanna Lose At Love – Tanita Tikaram

Maybe you cannot stand up but you have become one I just want to see her smile maybe she will never hurt And all that I have yearned to

Sunset’s Arrived – Tanita Tikaram

Doesn’t make it easy for me Way I breathed before Now I don’t breathe – no more freely And I like To catch the shoulder where you cry My

Preyed Upon – Tanita Tikaram

And your stance is akin to broken hearts You’ve grown weary – I’m not weary I can take your part It’s eye-open time, sailor When they want you to

Feeding The Witches – Tanita Tikaram

To hold – a good – conversation If I – feel – big – and ballooning If I – turn up – today If I – can’t be –

Mud In Any Water – Tanita Tikaram

Don’t you ever wanna stray? See, I’ve been seeing someone in this town And they don’t wanna stay Mud in any water – see you See you laugh and

Sighing Innocents – Tanita Tikaram

A standing ovation, baby Give me a road Which I can tail You don’t know nothing, baby So don’t pretend Or you might pay Cost It’s costing me nothing,

We Almost Got It Together – Tanita Tikaram

And I’ll be your favourite thing Stand by the river with hard-luck eyes And I’ll just be open and sing I was only trying to surprise I wish I

Love Story – Tanita Tikaram

Just to take me home To your serious house, with your serious tones You’re a serious man, with a serious smile But the summer is hot and I might

Sunface – Tanita Tikaram

Too often closed With a little beauty And the right supposing Suppose I meet you And make you feel There is no real reason Why I be real for

For All These Years – Tanita Tikaram

(It’s) somebody’s slice of life I had it tailor made, I had it soaken, shaken and shown around the world And for all these things you tell me, well

Only The Ones We Love – Tanita Tikaram

And you can’t say nothing till there’s hope Again – (Say) – oh my baby – you must never change For we’re only the ones we love And I’ve

I Like This – Tanita Tikaram

I don’t know if you’re an angel or I’m just feeling weird I like this picture but I don’t want to work to hard and I ask you for

Any Reason – Tanita Tikaram

My babe likes to sail When you need a reason Baby’s reason My babe wants a show stopper To come on board and dance When there’s reason Any reason