Daydreamin’ – Tatyana Ali

I can’t even think of things to do Wishin’ all of my daydreams come true Now, baby, what am I to do? I think about yesterday Somebody was talkin’

Kiss The Sky – Tatyana Ali

Close your eyes, and take my hand. I know you’re wondering, but you will soon understand. See, love needs time to crawl low, and time to run free. That’s

If I Ever Love Again – Tatyana Ali

How many times can I break inside? How many times can I pray, oh, Lord, to take this pain away? He was the song in my soul. But now

Love The Way You Love Me – Tatyana Ali

I love it when touch with the feeling of romance. In the middle of the dance. I love the way you love me. Something about the magic of your

If You Only Knew – Tatyana Ali

If you only knew all the things I feel for you… Boy, I want you in my life; I can’t deny. If you only knew all the things I’m

Yesterday – Tatyana Ali

Darling, yesterday we gave it one last try. Though we often said that we would never let it come to this. I have nothing left to give. I can

Boy You Knock Me Out – Tatyana Ali

All I think about is loving you Every time that you are near, I just can’t help but stare; I’m dreamin’ of eternity with you So maybe I can

Everytime – Tatyana Ali

I opened up my eyes, and you weren’t with me. And now you’ve said that you’re leaving but you’ll be home soon. It’s never easy bein’ away from you.

Through Life Alone – Tatyana Ali

You told me that you’re still young and there’s so much more you wanna see. You said you wanted to be alone to get into yourself. So I’m just

He Loves Me – Tatyana Ali

Mentally, we became intimate. Was it in the stride of my sexy walk? Or was it in the sound of the way I talk? Something about you opened up