Dog’s A Best Friend’s Dog – Tears For Fears

Dog shame I know what’s wrong Man’s too old and wise Bring in the dog Turn on Down the mountain rescue Slip and slide when sunny Small cat better

My Life In The Suicide Ranks – Tears For Fears

My life, my life in the suicide ranks My life, my life in the suicide ranks My life, my life in the suicide ranks My life, my life in

Goodnight Song – Tears For Fears

The time has come With the strains of “;Be my angels!”;, of rock in two four Time may keep alive that old swang song That we’ve been playing forever

Watch Me Bleed – Tears For Fears

But I know I’m getting nowhere And all the deeds of yesterday Have really helped to pave my way Though there’s no one near me now How come everyone

Power – Tears For Fears

Sailor sworn to secrecy Ride the waves and stem the flood The tides of endless enmity Power now is all the rage Sons and daughters of the gun Hungry

The Way You Are – Tears For Fears

Going far, The way you are Going far, Getting nowhere Going far, The way you are Going far, Getting nowhere The way you are Going far, Getting nowhere The

Elemental – Tears For Fears

Get off your horse, get on this train “; Welcome to the real world “; I said “; Welcome to the real world “; Are we rushing like the

Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams – Tears For Fears

I dream of heaven I dream of heaven, yeah High time we made a stand and shook up the views of the common man And the lovetrain rides from

Mothers Talk – Tears For Fears

Weekend We can work it out My features form with a change in the weather Weekend We can work it out When the wind blows When the mothers talk

Ashes To Ashes – Tears For Fears

In such an early song I’ve heard a rumour from Ground Control Oh no, don’t say it’s true They got a message from the Action Man Oh happy, hope

Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Tears For Fears

There’s no turning back Even while WE sleep We will find you Acting on your best behaviour Turn your back on mother nature Everybody wants to rule the world

Advice For The Young At Heart – Tears For Fears

Soon we will be older When we gonna make it work? Too many people living in a secret world While they play mothers and fathers We play little boys

Schrodinger’s Cat – Tears For Fears

Summer days that blind your face will soon be dead and gone Better get it on! Tuned to a day the babe against the world You took the best

Bloodletting Go – Tears For Fears

Is bloodletting go If I care for nothing Sun don’t shine and the grass don’t grow Bloodletting go Society dictates by rules and regulations But when things are so

Head Over Heels – Tears For Fears

And talk about the weather But traditions I can trace against the child in your face Won’t escape my attention You keep your distance with a system of touch

I Believe – Tears For Fears

We will be strong, Oh yes we will be strong And I believe that if I’m crying while I write these words Is it absurb? Or am I being

Fish Out Of Water – Tears For Fears

But now you’re laughing at the sun With all your high class friends you think you’ve got it made The only thing you made was that tanned look on

Woman In Chains – Tears For Fears

You better love loving and you better behave Woman in Chains Woman in Chains Calls her man the Great White Hope Says she’s fine, she’ll always cope Woman in

New Star – Tears For Fears

Heaven still is a state of mind, where did we go wrong? What happen to those old convictions Went up in smoke Baby, while your back breaks slowly By

Cold – Tears For Fears

Frozen to the bone To rely on hook, line and sinker What a sinker Sinking like a stone You’d be better off alone She saw me on the television