Thinking Underage – Teddy Geiger

Lets see what happens later on I’m 16 the world just opened wide I’ve got a pocket full of change I’m tired of thinking underage Just cut this string

Hallelujah – Teddy Geiger

My wallflower that’s in bloom You’re so oblivious to this I could fall into those eyes Pretty circles that I try to escape into, yeah Well hallelujah when you

Look Where We Are Now – Teddy Geiger

Under the sweet December rain Just a crack of yellow light To shine on my head You’ll find that I fought for the right To laugh with my eyes

Try Too Hard – Teddy Geiger

And love life one speaks for the other one now We’ll try to get by Did anyone try to too hard Well I guess I did I guess i

A Million Years – Teddy Geiger

Caught up in the things that everyone wants Caught up in what’s out Caught up in the things that you could do without Well what if I was one

Love Is A Marathon – Teddy Geiger

Into the arms Of anyone Take off your shoes And socks And stay awhile You like the adrenaline rush Just a little too much You go from day to

Gentleman – Teddy Geiger

I saw the reflecting in their eyes It blinded me from the sea Of everybody’s smiles And I was young and best So I’d thought I’d test the night

For You I Will (Confidence) – Teddy Geiger

Nothing seems to be, nothing tastes as sweet As what I can’t have Like you and the way that you’re twisting your hair round your finger Tonight I’m not

Air Dry – Teddy Geiger

You’re pouring dragons in my cup Don’t try it, I can’t cope with it We’ll get over it, yeah I’m over it I’m tired of night and I can’t

Night Air – Teddy Geiger

But not so easy as before Did you notice Did you take the time to listen To my breath or to my words When I spoke I explained my

These Walls – Teddy Geiger

The water’s rising up to my knees And i can’t figure out How the hell i wound up here Everything seemed okay when i started out the other day

Possibilities – Teddy Geiger

And the sky is falling on down I don’t wanna wake up if I’m dreaming Don’t think I’ll ever get out of my bed And every moment brings a