I Don’t Want Control Of You – Teenage Fanclub

I don’t want control of you Doesn’t matter to me The very heart and soul of you Are places I wanna see Everyday I look in a different face

Sidewinder – Teenage Fanclub

Saw you there with long blonde hair Eyes of blue, oh baby, I love you. When you’re walking (I love your walk) When you’re talking (I love your talk)

I Gotta Know – Teenage Fanclub

I got a feeling I know what I mean Feel like deceiving is almost obscene Always believing I’ll always believe I gotta know I gotta know I gotta know

Escher – Teenage Fanclub

Tell your sins to me and I’ll do them all over with you I know it’s speed so I hope you’ll come over And I don’t know if I’m

The Sun Shines From You – Teenage Fanclub

I go where I wanna go, I’m OK Rainy skies don’t cloud my mind I do what I wanna do, do what I wanna do I don’t know anything

Star Sign – Teenage Fanclub

Hey there’s a horseshoe on my door; big deal. And say there’s a black cat on the floor, big deal. If these things make your day Well if these

My Uptight Life – Teenage Fanclub

What I see is the same world I know you’re seeing My dreams are real until I realise Realising’s a slow fade from thought to being The waking world

Ain’t That Enough – Teenage Fanclub

If you can I wish you would Only if you feel you should Bring your loving over All adds up with circumstance All stood up with taking stands Bring

Going Places – Teenage Fanclub

Bound in motion Found my headwind was blowing fine I’ve requested the stars to shine For words that no longer rhyme Drank the ocean Moved my feet to a

Metal Baby – Teenage Fanclub

Metal baby, I met her, baby I’m her mother and she’s got me on her arm Metal baby, I met her, baby Got her finger round the trigger of

What You Do To Me – Teenage Fanclub

What you do to me… I know, I can’t believe There’s something about you Got me down on my knees. What you do to me… I know, I can’t

Happiness – Teenage Fanclub

My laziness’ll see me through Happiness is all I need The truth is never guaranteed I’ll let my state of mind content me ’til I know where my life

Fear Of Flying – Teenage Fanclub

Hey, I don’t look back on all the things I’ve done I’ve never looked for answers in a song Ain’t got no good ideas, I’m staring at the sun

Neil Jung – Teenage Fanclub

You had a girlfriend That wasn’t good enough for you She was younger But that was old enough you knew To get undressed for you Stressed for you Distorting

Radio – Teenage Fanclub

I think I’ll kill the radio, don’t want to hear this song Can’t relate to yesterday, what we did was wrong yeah…mmm… But now you lighten up my day

Alcoholiday – Teenage Fanclub

There are things I want to do but I don’t know If they will be with you, if they will be with you There are things I want to

Don’t Look Back – Teenage Fanclub

If I could find the words to say The sun shines in your eyes So brighten up my city sky Break out the news, it’s back again The voice

Discolite – Teenage Fanclub

Could you light me up on what I’m doing And waken up the sleeping words inside my head The morning that surrounds you The feelings that have found you

Sparky’s Dream – Teenage Fanclub

If she lived in space, man I’d build a plane Out of luck so beam me up To hear her talking again She painted pictures That never dried Always

Verisimilitude – Teenage Fanclub

I’ve got a pocketful of words in my brain I pull something out when I think I should I feel like I’m going insane I’m not I just said