Gimme Dat – Terror Squad

Lock all that shit Y’all muthafuckas can’t hold me back Holdin gats drunk off of cognac Laughin at life and how my goal be

WWW. Thatsmysh-T. Com – Terror Squad

This is the Terror Squad, Bleach Brother, Colabo (Mmmm) Italiano (what) Ya know da deli Aha, Aha Dirtman Hey yo, Hey yo, Hey yo (Dirtman) I spit that killer

In For Life – Terror Squad

Don’t even move a muscle Clap at ya feet, blast ya boot buckle Cowboy style, dance bitch, do the hustle Let me see you sweat, follow the leader through

Feelin’ This – Terror Squad

Feel threatened by this T-Squad T. S. Takin shit We 12-cylinder-pushin drug dealer-killers, we feelin this Tec-9s with silver clips, my? set’s style? is

Triple Threat – Terror Squad

see i love my thugs but im a terrorist nigga and imma terrorize ya ass till gone for miles pana what, bitch ass nigga!! (Verse 1 Armageddon) I jeopardize

All Around The World – Terror Squad

Yeah yeah Terror Squad what-what Cuban Link what-what ’99, baby Yo ladi-dadi, mami, I love to party Plus I always cause trouble when

’99 Live – Terror Squad

(Terror Sqaud) Don’t be scared of this (That’s right, that’s right) Prospecto Follow me here now Throw your hands up My live niggas in the cut,

War – Terror Squad

Yo, I’ma lay the law with A. K.’s or metaphors Make way for the ghetto roar, these days I set it off Y’all hardcore, that’s why I batter you

Tell Me What U Think – Terror Squad

Yo If you want it in the morning and you need it in the night I’m a give it to you baby I’m a give it to

My Kinda Girls – Terror Squad

Word up I know this girl The bitch you fucked for free As long as she knows that you’re down Then it’s alright with

Whatcha Gon’ Do? – Terror Squad

Yo, yo, yo, yo… Yo, yo, yo, yo… Yo, yo… It’s hard to explain how my squad can harbor the strain Of being the largest name in rap, since

Pass The Glock – Terror Squad

Pass the glock word up Pass the glock (T-Squaders) uh ha, (T-Squaders) *whispering in background* You can’t stop T-Squad You can’t stop T-Squad Can’t stop it, can’t stop

Payin’ Dues – Terror Squad

Holy Christ, I leave rappers’ souls as cold as ice I’m like a poltergeist when I strike, turnin men to mice Breakin the law, city urban tower without a

Bring It On – Terror Squad

Yea yea, what uh, Terror Squad uh, from the streets to the jail cell I mean, my niggaz is facin death penalties and all that Charlie Rock el D

As The World Turns – Terror Squad

When I was five I arrived in America Made it alive survived the hell of a trip getting tellin us Sellin the freedom town to put my feet on

Rudeboy Salute – Terror Squad

Never jump up in-a mi face, cause I gun Never judge a book by di cover, dat’s wrong Dis is Fat Joe alongside di Banton Hey (what about Pun?