Performer TESLA

Gettin’ Better – Tesla

All that rain outside my window, but all and all, I know It’s gettin’ better every day Soon the sun will shine through my window, when it’s gonna come

The Gate/Invited – Tesla

You don’t even know, where I’ve been or where I’m coming from, at all Who was the one who said nothing’s impossible, who was wrong Who was the one

Shine Away – Tesla

All is well, as it could ever be All is well, as it could ever be All is well, as it could ever be All is well, as it

Freedom Slaves – Tesla

I feel I got me some damn good reasons for feelin’ bad. Way they take away ev’ry mother’s son, If you want freedom now, it’s got to be won.

Into the Now – Tesla

Old and rusted, with your busted bones Break the crystal ball, you’re on your own Wipe away the fear of the unknown Now, here we go, on with the

2 Late 4 Love – Tesla

One two three four! I can’t believe this fucked up world in which we’re livin’ in Still I do the best that I can Always got me on the

Flight to Nowhere – Tesla

Even though I may be growin’ old, I’m never slowin’ down. No, I won’t slow down. I feel like dynamite, I’m ready to explode. Amplifier pushin’ overload. Outta touch

Rock Me to the Top – Tesla

You gotta see him, are you ready, to take me in and rock me steady Feel the power, feel the heat, put yourself in the driver’s seat You’re in

Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out) – Tesla

You know I’m on a slick trip, I’m always ready to kick ass Up on the stage I’m in a rage, I’m havin’ the time of my life Yes,

Did It for the Money – Tesla

She smiles for ev’ryone she meets. He’s not a man, no, he’s just another trick. She’d do it all just to get that fix. Did you do it for

Makin’ Magic – Tesla

I only want to satisfy. So wind me up and watch me go, I’m gettin’ crazy as the night unfolds. Gimme, gimme what I want, Keep it up now,

Earthmover – Tesla

Now I know why the man on the moon Won’t show his face, I wouldn’t if I was you Go running high, think it’s better you do Playin’ no

Modern Day Cowboy – Tesla

the thunder rolled and the lightning bolts come crashin’ to the ground Cold as ice, hard as stone, as he walks into the room With another man who was

Alot to Lose – Tesla

I thought I saw the light, was it real or something I’m imagining I thought I saw the light, if it was then tell me, did you see it

Had Enough – Tesla

Drinkin’ double shots, feelin fine. Mmmm, I like it! I like the way, the way it makes me feel. Now, I’m in love witcha, Lady Mary Jane. You put

Little Suzi – Tesla

Little Suzi’s on the up, looking for a get-away Ruby tries to bring her down, she’s lookin’ for another way Little Suzi’s on the up, headin’ for the spotlights

Change in the Weather – Tesla

and we’re here to face the day. Heard all across the nation, and we got so much to say. Ready for a change, ready for a change in the

Love Song – Tesla

Alright! Now this next song, I’m gonna leave the stage, I’m gonna leave you people with the man on the acoustic guitar, mr. Frankie Hannon So you think

Party’s Over – Tesla

You’re askin’ me for a second chance. I don’t care, baby, what you say, All I wanna do is gotta get away. Been too many times callin’ out your

Action Talks – Tesla

Hey, what’s the deal man, don’t it feel like something’s goin’ on What’s goin’ down what’s goin’ around, and I’m gonna get some What’s this I see, a familiar