Performer TEXAS

Tell Me The Answer – Texas

the lights are too bright i’m feeling uptight in my sensual world i need to be you i need to breathe too i need to see through life with

Saint – Texas

i’ll fix it, don’t worry now i’m needing you there make sure that you’re coming too all of my life is all i’ll give you here the meaning of

In Our Lifetime – Texas

i can’t tell you i love you too much to say i stand undressed but i’m not naked you look at me and who i am understand that it

Everyday Now – Texas

It’s never been this close before Tried to tell myself I didn’t care Crying out why am I here There’s no point in me hiding And only now I

In Demand – Texas

just like paper from a fan but you would act like i was just a kid like we were never gonna last now i’ve got someone who cares for

Fight The Feeling – Texas

I’ve looked at the people with faces of pain I can’t forget it I can’t forget it I looked into your eyes You think it just a game Their

Insane – Texas

Nobody told me where it began No one believes in you I understand Like a blind man Who’s lost his way No one hears a word Of what you

Sunday Is The Saddest Day – Texas

when we’re apart everything i say gets in the way, gets into place of how i feel standing face to face sunday is the saddest day all you want

Fade Away – Texas

you know i’m never what i seem cause i don’t worry about the future my days they pass just like a dream are you scared of what you’re seeing

Breathless – Texas

I guess I’m just too tired to sleep And God only knows I’m too lost to cry For kissing liars has kept me true I’ll fall (hold me tight)

Good Advice – Texas

So many people and there’s such disorder here Familiar faces, found out lies And to distract I watch the passers-by I wonder what they’d recognize And what they’d recommend

Move In – Texas

move in, watch me move in invite me to a party hang some colour on the walls it makes me feel like eighteen i’m gonna change things for us

Put Your Arms Around Me – Texas

Are you willing to run Are you ready to let yourself drown Are you holding your breath Are you ready or not Are you ready maybe Do you long

Summer Son – Texas

tired of telling it your way yeh i know what i saw i know that i found the floor before you take my heart, reconsider before you take my

Winter’s End – Texas

the weeks they just go on like a friend of mine and the sadness it has left a trace i think that you can see that on my face

You Owe It All To Me – Texas

when all you’d wanna do was fight it’s made me suffer lonely days now i’m waiting for the evenings sun to come along and calm me down can’t you

Say What You Want – Texas

I feel you’re on the run Never lived too long to make right I see you’re doing fine And when I get that feeling I can no longer slide

In My Heart – Texas

Between my feelings and my dreams I’m drowning in tennement oceans There is more than this I know that in my heart I feel like going home again But,

Sunday Afternoon – Texas

as i look into your eyes and i feel that in a way i know that you’ll be alright and he walks for a mile it’s his style baby

Postcard – Texas

I feel like staying here in heaven’s ocean I’ve been dreaming For days now Jump in the sea I do that easily The sounds drowning What I’m seeing Count