Four Of Two – They Might Be Giants

I stood in waiting for a girl I knew at the spot where we agreed to meet It was four minutes of two At four of two, I stood

Doctor Worm – They Might Be Giants

Good morning. How are you? I’m Dr. Worm. I’m interested in things. I’m not a real doctor, But I am a real worm; I am an actual worm. I

Metal Detector – They Might Be Giants

There’s just the sound of the call of the wild overcoming the fear of the unknown And I’ve got something to help you understand Something waiting there beneath the

Alienation’s For The Rich – They Might Be Giants

And I think I know who you are I got to get a job Got to get some pay My son’s gotta go to art school He’s leaving in

Hide Away Folk Family – They Might Be Giants

Or else someone’s gonna get ya (Someone’s gonna get ya) Someone’s gonna get ya Hide away folk family Better hide away Better hide away Tippy-toe to the front door,

Cyclops Rock – They Might Be Giants

And then you go and turn around and break my heart And waste my cyclops time and mess up my cyclops mind I’m sick like Chuckie was sick, my

Fibber Island – They Might Be Giants

We strum rubber guitars Our friends live on Mars And we sew buttons on our cars Here on Fibber Island Our house is made of pie Our dog is

I Am a Human Head – They Might Be Giants

And my best friend is also a head I don’t really need my best friend Now my friend is gone And I’m only a head by myself I find

Dead – They Might Be Giants

Accidently taken off the shelf Before the expiration date I came back as a bag of groceries Accidently taken off the shelf Before the date stamped on myself Did

The Mesopotamians – They Might Be Giants

From one end of this town to the other and back But no one’s ever seen us (No one’s ever seen us) Driving our Econoline van (And no one’s

The Statue Got Me High – They Might Be Giants

The statue got me high The monument of granite sent a beam into my eye The statue made me die The statue made me die It took my hand

I Palindrome I – They Might Be Giants

Mom leans down and says, “;My sentiments exactly, You son of a bitch”; I palindrome I (I palindrome I) I palindrome I (I palindrome I) And I am a

Shoehorn With Teeth – They Might Be Giants

People should get beat up for stating their beliefs He wants a shoehorn, the kind with teeth Because he knows there’s no such thing He asks a girl if

I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die – They Might Be Giants

And once in a while I feel like being dry But we’re doomed and we’re drowned by this feeling we surround So I hope that I get old before

Stalk Of Wheat – They Might Be Giants

And it felt like a trillion feet I was looking for a friend at the end, at the end of the line And it took me till the end

Istanbul (Not Constantinople) – They Might Be Giants

Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople Been a long time gone, Constantinople Now it’s Turkish delight on a moonlit night Every gal in Constantinople Lives in Istanbul, not Constantinople So

All Alone – They Might Be Giants

With scientific instruments to test conditions there But just before they closed the door One scientist expelled a germ That accidentally found its way aboard and stowed away For

I’ve Got A Match – They Might Be Giants

Put down the phone Take off that stupid looking hat you wear I’m going to die if you touch me one more time Well I guess that I’m going

Broke In Two – They Might Be Giants

Something I was not to forget Then Is when i maybe should have wrote it down But when I looked around to find a pen And then I tried

Don’t Let’s Start – They Might Be Giants

This is the worst part Could believe for all the world That you’re my precious little girl But don’t don’t don’t let’s start I’ve got a weak heart And