Ten Days Late – Third Eye Blind

And feel you come for me Care free, she’s got something big to tell me At the ocean Talk back at the ocean There’s no simple way To let

Never Let You Go – Third Eye Blind

She’s sneaky and smoked out And it’s starting to show I never let you go I never let you go I never let you go I never let you

Camouflage – Third Eye Blind

You’ll know Justice comes, justice let it come I get the justice coming for you and I I get the joy joy when it comes my joy, I get

Darwin – Third Eye Blind

Multiply and thrive And the strong survive, And the strong survive And a spaceman fucked an ape Then cut out on the date And now it’s much too late

Deep Inside Of You – Third Eye Blind

Thoughts free flow you said you’ve got something Deep inside of you A wind chime voice sound, sway of your hips round rings true Echo’s deep inside of you

Wounded – Third Eye Blind

Has got nothing to do with me And the bruises that you feel will heal And I hope you’ll come around Cause we’re missing you And you used to

1000 Julys – Third Eye Blind

Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t know how to back down I never fit in, you know I don’t belong But you know that I don’t care when you

Darkness – Third Eye Blind

Born a joneser And the cops roll out the radar And shoot devious grins Another day begins I want someone to know me Maybe tell me who I am

Farther – Third Eye Blind

So I don’t see why I should Hold so tightly To a memory That I can’t speak of I think about it nightly How you opened up Your life

Slow Motion – Third Eye Blind

But I think I just shot her son ‘Cause he owed me money. With a bullet in the chest you cannot run. Now he’s bleeding in the vacant lot,