Delicate Cutters – Throwing Muses

Of time I keep Reaching out, lashing out It’s just the lines Run down the walls I can’t believe they never fall The walls never leave And the walls

Bea – Throwing Muses

Banging in the night Ankle deep in mud I can sleep in mud I was a kind of hooker My lover was free I don’t speak I ramble he

Tango – Throwing Muses

Thank you for chaining me to the bed, that was sweet Sing me to sleep Sing to me My sad brother, my sunny lover How much are you worth

Cowbirds – Throwing Muses

Jesus Christ, my lips are red You ask a lot of the moon When you ask me to forget I never asked you to pay my rent Jesus Christ,

Run Letter – Throwing Muses

The way things work together if I write this letter you can bend it Please hope can I give hope the sky won’t fall Just look If I mail

Hate My Way – Throwing Muses

And hate society I could hate God And blame Dad I might be in a Holocaust Hate Hitler Might not have a child And hate school I could be

Take – Throwing Muses

If you let me drive your car I think I might want you If you let me drive real far I won’t steal your keys I won’t try to

Mania – Throwing Muses

What are they supposed to want? get a job! you scare me I sing here I’m alone here I’m with you over here Marshmallow brain I need an umbrella

Santa Claus – Throwing Muses

I can spill things down your shoulders – hold them. And I’m afraid you remind me of Santa Claus, In a good way. And you are like Santa Claus

Ruthie’s Knocking – Throwing Muses

Who’s she talking to? Not a clue Now she’s shouting I’ll be on the floor You go get the door Just had to make sure you knew That’s a

Tar Kissers – Throwing Muses

You’ve put wild into it I’m amazed you’ve put wild into it What can I give you what can I give Cool place, I’m amazed You brought me into

Fall Down – Throwing Muses

And tripped on it, so I picked her up I said, everybody falls down Once you meet the man you want You’ll know ’cause you see red Like making

Green – Throwing Muses

Then there were candles And a phoenix burned my bed These are subwords These are air There’s one boy In one house In one place At all times And

Vicky’s Box – Throwing Muses

Won’t ride in Cars anymore It reminds him of Blowjobs That he’s a queer And his hair Stuck to the roof, over the wheel Like a pigeon on a

America (She Can’t Say No) – Throwing Muses

Swallow the snake Find shoes in the corner Run away Oh He had a nightmare Go I’m losing my person I’m only talking But look at me I’m in

Rabbit’s Dying – Throwing Muses

He’s running in the rain Covering the brain I’ll stay in, stay in It rains It’s walking on the trail Crawling on the trail Its legs are giving out,

Call Me – Throwing Muses

I can’t love nothing I mate, kill You wake up and it’s not morning I can’t sleep, I loved you once I loved you so much There’s a shape

Soul Soldier – Throwing Muses

That kills the knife ‘Til it breaks Spitting shells Their eyes were locked And their hearts were open And in love, we couldn’t breathe In love, we couldn’t say

Dizzy – Throwing Muses

Red River shows so may eyes One eye squinting, shaded from the sun, shoot me Black a oil, his hair shone Lily white, his skin glistened Restless as the

Shimmer – Throwing Muses

It don’t rain under the water It don’t rain inside my heart Don’t follow me home Don’t follow me home You walking in the gulf stream Tail between your