Performer THURSDAY

Understanding In A Car Crash – Thursday

broken windows, open locks, reminders of the youth we lost In trying so hard to look away from you we followed white lines to the sunset I crash my

How Long Is The Night – Thursday

We’ll throw these books in the fire Can you stop the train Cause it some delay? The change machine lied And it’s too late to scream How long is

Cross Out The Eyes – Thursday

Where screams are flet as a wave of stoplights Drive through the the streets as gunshots punctuate the night The sides we take divide us from our faith And

Paris In Fla – Thursday

And on the first day we’ll dress this city in flames After all the things you say You hate me for being this way Still you won’t let go

Autobiography Of A Nati – Thursday

We have burned their villages and all the people in them died We adopt their customs and everything they say we steal All the dreams they had we kill

Wind Up – Thursday

And you’re dressing this color on the edge of fire Until these tightened strides They march in time again I don’t know if I will cut through I don’t

I Am The Killer – Thursday

And there aren’t enough pills to sleep And then it cuts out like miswired shortwave radio It’s over But nothing can change to ever make it right When you