Performer TIAMAT

The Scapegoat – Tiamat

If you are trying to interpret me You’re truing to put me down, you’ll see The dreams I have, you do not know Don’t make me the scapegoat on

The Whores Of Babylon – Tiamat

Everything they do and say Might even fool a clever mind Just won’t forget their price to pay As silk betrays and truth unwinds Cling, cling to your mind,

Undressed – Tiamat

Not aware of what you’ve buried You feel comfortable that way You’re living in a smaller world That is sometimes far too small Then you’ll come to me Asking

A Caress Of Stars – Tiamat

I was your fear and you were my fate I wanted you near but I bred your hate You left me for dead, deep down in the mud With

In A Dream – Tiamat

In a dream . I’m climbing the clouds I touch a subdued sky With my bare hands In a dream Let me drag you through my world My kingdom

Mountain Of Doom – Tiamat

(4:37) Evil imaginations of a time to come Dreamly dead – Almost gone Nocturnal visits from the beyond I will travel down the Mountain of Doom At the highest

Altar Flame – Tiamat

A silent secret of unfathomed darkness Uncounted years Within the temple walls Lightened up by the moon It’s pale walls cold Entrance not allowed Guarded by invisible evil ch.:

The Southernmost Voyage – Tiamat

A sharpened shaft shines through morning dew Drawn out shadows walk on you Alone I stand to face the day Tortured by a deathly silent view Take my hand,

On Golden Wings – Tiamat

People! This is my world You are just parts of it If I would have been a big tree The you would have been the fruits of by boughs

Apotheosis Of Morbidity – Tiamat

Awaiting dawn for a night of unholiness Awaiting a sign as sacrifice is cast Bow down to the lord of eternal might Save us from the second coming of

Phantasma De Luxe – Tiamat

This dole crowner gallows me As this mere welkin hallowed be Whereupon I trick and train and tire To limn my umbered love in fire Before this noble mare

Ancient Entity – Tiamat

Beneath the fullmoon Covered in gloomy clouds Obscure funeral spirits Evil shadows on haunted ground Every night they rise again To meet the lords of death again They live

Clouds – Tiamat

If I walk on the water today Will people worship me tomorrow Will my name be spread faraway To give people both strength and sorrows Look into my crystal

Sumerian Cry (Part Iii) – Tiamat

Nailed to a pleasant sleep Under the fullmoon light Calculated ancient knowledge Of Arab’s wise words I dreamed about a temple I saw it in my dreams A temple

Mount Marilyn – Tiamat

The threne my love that opens now In cattle blood of aery brow Con that life’s a dream not to affy As embodied matter love will die You twinkle

Teonanacatl – Tiamat

Not far from where I live They glance in morning breeze As dividing tiny rays A morning tries to seize Greet me my proud little soldiers Of brown, purple

Whatever That Hurts – Tiamat

Decoctions of Jimsonweed Slimy trailing plants distil Claustrophobia and blood mixed seed Cursed downstairs against my will Cobweb sticks to molten years Cockroaches served with cream I wipe the

Nocturnal Funeral – Tiamat

In the fields of death at an hour of destruction the wind blew cold A vast field of tombstones and cenotaphs all moisture-stained As I walked across the field

Evilized – Tiamat

Born on a gloomy night Raised the evil way A son of an unnamed Born by freak Molten books, ancient scripts Dreadful tales of evil ways Interpred the child

Lady Temptress – Tiamat

Lady Temptress Lucifer’s daughter Born in my flesh Arise and be revealed Unknown for the corrupted minds She dwells in malignancy In the distant crypts of your inner self