How Can You Give Up? – Til Tuesday

No, you don’t know B E F# G#m F# it makes no sense B E F# G#m F# and there goes B E F# G#m F# your confidence E

Don’t Watch Me Bleed – Til Tuesday

*** Verse 1: Dm C Bb Gm I guess you gave as good as you got Dm C Bb Gm I guess this love is dead at last Dm

Angels Never Call – Til Tuesday

G–>Gsus, G–>C/G, and G–>Am7/G I’m just calling it Glick. The notes in the lick are (in order) G D G B C-C C B with the fifth and sixth

Voices Carry – Til Tuesday

Verse 1: Bb C G In the dark, I like to read his mind Bb C G but I’m frightened of the things I might find Bb F Oh,

Have Mercy – Til Tuesday

C F Am :|| *** Verse 1: C F Am He made me feel so second-best G F F2 I never should have let him do it C F

Everything’s Different Now – Til Tuesday

Chords: C2 X32033 Bm X04430 sort of *** Intro C2 | C2 | C2 | G :|| *** Verse 1 C2 C2 You know just how I feel C2

David Denies – Til Tuesday

*** Introduction: F G Eb F G Eb2 *** Verse 1: G /F# /E It’s what he wants but he won’t say Bm F C Bb2 /C he’d rather

Rip In Heaven – Til Tuesday

A2: X02200 D2: XX0230 *** Intro: E | B A C#m | B E A | E B | D2 | *** Verse 1: A2 E Remember this, given

Maybe Monday – Til Tuesday

C Am :|| D D4 D D5 C Am Tell me again you only want what’s good for me D D4 D D5 C Am tell me again you’re

Looking Over My Shoulder – Til Tuesday

F G F G *** Verse 1: F G If I’m calling you out of the blue F G It’s because it’s never-ending F G and if I’m dragging

Lover’s Day – Til Tuesday

F#m We’re so close but I just can’t B ruin everything I ever planned F#m I’ve got no room for guilt this year B I’m trying hard to keep

Coming Up Close – Til Tuesday

Chords: G 320033 C2 X32033 *** Intro: G *** Verse 1: G One night in Iowa, he and I in a borrowed car Em went driving in the summer,

Do It Again – Til Tuesday

Chords: Cmaj7 = X32000 C7 = X32300 Dm7 = XX0211 G7add4 = 300011 Intro: C F :|| Verse 1: C F We talked on the second of December C

No One Is Watching You Now – Til Tuesday

Chords: C/G 3X2010 *** Introduction: G C/G G C/G *** Verse 1: G D C2 G Same town as its ever been Em Am7 if there’s changes somewhere Em

No More Crying – Til Tuesday

F#m C#m :|| (4x) ** Verse 1: F#m C#m F#m C#m (etc.) There is no love here (there is no love) Only some sort of blackmail whatever you feel

Are You Serious? – Til Tuesday

*** Verse 1: Dm Bb C There was a lesson I never learned Dm Bb C Oh, I wouldn’t be warned Dm Bb C how many looks does it

‘J’ For Jules – Til Tuesday

*** Intro: C G | Em Am C G | Em Am C | G *** Verse 1 G D Em C I was winding my clock G D

Why Must I – Til Tuesday

Ebm and Em, closer to Ebm… so…. Capo 1 – Ebm maps to Dm Chords: Fma9 XX3010 *** Intro: Dm C | F G Am /G F | C

(Believed You Were) Lucky – Til Tuesday

Note: This is the way I’ve seen Aimee play it in concert (well, in E – the recording is in F — Me, I play it in A with

Sleeping And Waking – Til Tuesday

||: C Bb F C Bb F :|| *** Verse 1: C Bb F Just for the record C Bb F you ought to know that I love you