Song Do It Again – Til Tuesday

Chords: Cmaj7 = X32000 C7 = X32300 Dm7 = XX0211 G7add4 = 300011

C F :||

Verse 1:
We talked on the second of December
And I told her that our chances were slender
C Am7
And this conversation sounded so familiar
Dm7 G7(add4) G7
Like a welcome mat – a broken blender

Verse 2:
We walked to a restuarant she’d been to C F
And I looked at her while she was looking into C F
Someone else’s mirror – seeing if she’s someone too C Am7
Giving me that deja vu Dm7 G7add4

C Cmaj7
I look back
C7 F
And I see that same old rag (?)
He’s calling my name
G7add4 G7 C F C F
He says you’re gonna do it again

Verse 3:
Time is all we need, she finally let out
But I see her drawing maps if she can get out
C Am7
Now I wonder which of us will get the axe out
Dm7 G7add4 G7
And do the final blow

I look back C Cmaj7
And I see that same old rag (?) C F
He’s calling my name Dm7
He says you’re gonna do it again G7add4 G7 C F

Says you’re gonna do it again C F C

I saw you Dm7 G7add4 G7
I said this time it’s different C F
I’ll know better Dm7 G7add4 G7
But I can’t keep from loving C F
I have heard that one before Dm7 G7add4 G7


Ooooh ||: C F :||

Verse 4:
It was a shock I guess, but I’m not surprised C F
I would’ve done the same, if I was in your eyes C F
You know you left a trail about a mile wide C Am7
And though I’ve b

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