Performer TIM MCGRAW

Kill Myself – Tim McGraw

I’m gonna fix the fence In my final hours I’m gonna tie up these loose ends I wont leave a note For anyone to find Tomorrow they’ll know What

Where The Green Grass Grows – Tim McGraw

Six lanes Taillights Red ants marchin’ into the night They disappear to the left and right again Another supper from a sack A ninety-nine cent heart attack I got

The Great Divide – Tim McGraw

Just to pass the time He just sat there and stared at the TV set Like he was barely alive And when the local news was over They would

Blank Sheet Of Paper – Tim McGraw

This fool’s about to write you a letter To tell you that he’s sorry For the way he did you wrong To ask for your forgiveness For leavin you

The Only Thing That I Have Left – Tim McGraw

Album: Tim McGraw Titolo: The Only Thing That I Have Left (Clay Blaker) Some people say I’m one of those guys with blessings in life overlooked Sometimes I feel

Some Things Never Change – Tim McGraw

After all this time I still miss you everday The same world spins ’round I guess some things never change Sometimes I go out but it never feels the

Home – Tim McGraw

Mama’s got her apron on Standing in the kitchen Cooking up my favorite dish Whatever she is fixing Daddy’s in a picture in a frame That’s always sitting by

Eyes Of A Woman – Tim McGraw

He was rough, he was tough And he drank his whiskey straight He would fight every night if he didn’t get his way She was kind she could find

Renegade – Tim McGraw

Let’s get it straight now, the way things are I’m not the white knight in your fantasy But I could be your wildest dream I might ride with the

I Do But I Don’t – Tim McGraw

You always come back when I’m at my weakest When I’m fool enough to let you in Sayin’ how this time around is different Asking if I want to

Telluride – Tim McGraw

When I was nineteen I threw my stuff in the car I headed up to the Rockies, got a job at this bar Selling beer to the locals, just

I Know How To Love You Well – Tim McGraw

Album: Tim McGraw & The Danchall Doctors Titolo: I Know How To Love You Well It’s been a long time Since we walked that aisle together And you became

Senorita Margarita – Tim McGraw

She left more than just her lipstick when she walked out Her memory keeps haunting me that’s why I’m hunting you down It’s been a long time since our

Take Me Away – Tim McGraw

My body burns like there’s a desert deep in me A thirsty soul so unsatisfied But there you are like a river to the sea The one chance I

Everywhere – Tim McGraw

We were born in this little town Growin’ up I was countin’ down Every single day till we made our get-away But you said you could never see yourself

Just Be Your Tear – Tim McGraw

Playing lost and found with your love Trying to confuse you, use you Girl. he’s gonna lose you sure enough Don’t know why he says all those things ALways

When She Wakes Up (And Finds Me Gone) – Tim McGraw

To write all the reasons I can’t stay And I hope she’ll understand I can’t leave her like a man ‘Cause a man would never leave her this way

Don’t Take The Girl – Tim McGraw

Johnny’s daddy was taking him fishin’ When he was eight years old A little girl came through the front gate holdin’ a fishing pole His dad looked down and

Welcome To The Club – Tim McGraw

I couldn’t help but overhear you talkin’ to yourself How she slipped right through your hands And in between all of the four letter words You said you’re never

Ain’t No Angels – Tim McGraw

I’ve lead a lifetime fightin’ this land Workin’ for nothin’ with these dry and callused hands I’m a slave to the sun it ain’t cuttin’ me no slack Gets