Performer TIM O-BRIEN

Daddy’s on the Roof Again – Tim O’Brien

Don’t hold your breath, they’ll be coming back Make you step outside that life you lead Feel the blues fade to black You watch yourself like in a dream

Long Distance – Tim O’Brien

My eyelids are heavy but there’s something keepin’ them open wide Since I kissed you at the gate just two days past I’ve been flyin’ towards the sun on

One Drop of Rain – Tim O’Brien

Some hilltop, all alone it finds another And together they roll on down One mornin’ then another, discovering one another Exploring, addin’ on to the love we found And

Lost Little Children – Tim O’Brien

They came a long time before me Now we’ve come on the steamship Atlantic From our home far across the stormy sea I have their letter in my pocket

More Love – Tim O’Brien

There’s a silence between us and there’s so much to say You’re my strength you’re my weakness You’re my faith you’re my doubt We gotta meet in the middle

Every Tear Has a Reason Why – Tim O’Brien

Every day is a long time waiting Every night is alone and cryin’ Your memory is a long time fadin’ Every tear has a reason why, every tear has

Hungry Eyes – Tim O’Brien

her tears have dried No more she’s thinkin’ of him Her love has died Calling and reaching, lookin’ through hungry eyes Scenes change and rearrange, lookin’ through hungry eyes

Think About Last Night – Tim O’Brien

Everything you have, you tried to throw it all away You reckless life, left you on the street alone last night Think about last night Think about today, think

Circles Around You – Tim O’Brien

Your face was smilin’ and lookin’ my way it said You beat the odds in some game Five thousand dollars and fame I thought how you looked the same

Me and Dirk’s Trip to Ireland – Tim O’Brien

Across the sea on a big air ship Riley Baugus came along Helped us play our banjo songs Prettiest place that I’ve ever seen Entirely covered in emerald green

Edge of the Storm – Tim O’Brien

She said for a rainy day A hundred more from the general store Where she stocked the shelves for pay She’d had enough of those country roads And the

Time to Learn – Tim O’Brien

I can’t believe you’ve really left this world behind I can wait and I can hope I’ll get over this in time It takes time to learn when someone’s

Deep in the Woods – Tim O’Brien

Saturday night, a little too young to take good care A little too wild, a little too old to get lost in the woods A gravel road fadin’ away

Turning Around – Tim O’Brien

No one watches anyway No one stops to listen for it Covered by the sounds of day But we each play our own part in it Nothing that you

One Way Street – Tim O’Brien

You’re leadin’ me down a one way street Is it a game that you play, that you play Here I’ve been thinkin’ that you’re so sweet I do the

Like I Used to Do – Tim O’Brien

Watching the sun come up while everyone fell asleep The music was always loud and I’d smoke and drink too much Until I’d fall in your arms and into

Jonah and the Whale – Tim O’Brien

To preach the gospel to the wicked men And to repent his wicked ways I’m gonna overthrow the city in forty days” Chorus God moved in the wind storm,

Rod McNeil – Tim O’Brien

Out of trial and error and gigs that I’ve played It might be the money or the town that it’s in But mostly it’s people make you come back

Little Sadie – Tim O’Brien

I met little Sadie and I shot her down Went back home and I got into bed Forty four smokeless under my head Woke up the next morning bout

Kick Me When I’m Down – Tim O’Brien

Figured I would come back before too long As soon as I moved out, you started comin’ around Ain’t it like an old friend to kick me when I’m