Crazy Life – Tim Rushlow

Woke up with my tear stained pillow on the floor again Think I had a bad dream…’cause I think I had a hard night ‘Cause you know it’s been

When You Love Me – Tim Rushlow

Eight day weeks and overtime Thats just the way it is We all got dreams we’re working for Pushing hard and wanting more And settling for less But baby

In The Meantime – Tim Rushlow

Jeannie had big plans, a ballerina, Broadway bound And that ’87 Honda was gonna get her out of this town Caviar for breakfast, a limo waiting every night White

American Cars – Tim Rushlow

I Picked you up And you climbed through the window We took a midnight cruise The way you looked with your hair all windblown Nothin’ I could do but…

That’s How It’s Gonna Be – Tim Rushlow

This ain’t the kind of love I’d call predicatable In fact it’s safe to say It’s unforgettable There’s absolutely nothin’ stoppin’ us Girl, I’ve got my heart made up

She Misses Him – Tim Rushlow

She shaves his face She combs his hair She helps him find his rocking chair She cooks his meals She wipes his mouth And the window that he’s looking

The World Turns – Tim Rushlow

He said “;I love you, and I always will”; She caught her breathe, her heart stood still They’ll always be together, at least until The world turns She went

The Package – Tim Rushlow

Love at first sight In ’43 they walked the aisle A groom and his bride In ’44 he went to war To fight for Uncle Sam How it tore

Everything To You – Tim Rushlow

Do you read the morning paper What’s your favorite TV show Do you like your coffee strong And where do you go to be alone Do you like the

Then There’s Me – Tim Rushlow

A little whisper from deep inside you Says wait, hold on, slow down? Girl don’t you jump in over your head You don’t wanna take great big chances Won’t

I Live – Tim Rushlow

Like a song that has no words My life was incomplete I was out there all alone Til the moment you found me You’re the beat inside my heart