Bombay – Timbaland

Ooowwwhooaa (guys) Ahhhhhhhhhh (carries on through) Yeah Mere Zindagi Tere Ho gayhe (My life has become your property) Mere Gaan (My life or My Love) Mere

Talking On The Phone – Timbaland

Yo yo yo yo Wah wah wah Yea yo yo Wah wah wah wah Wah wah wah wah (uh huh) Yo yo Wah wah wah

Clock Strikes (remix) – Timbaland

Yo… dot-da-dot-dot-dot, party ain’t over Uh-huh, what, uh-huh, what? Dot-dot-dot da party ain’t over Diggi do, uh-huh, what? Uh-huh, what, the party ain’t over Uh-huh, what, yeah, what… diggi-diggi-diggi-diggi-diggi…

Hold Cutz – Timbaland

Uh, what’s up girl Why you trippin on me? I thought we was past that Feel me? Alright let me talk to ya, uh [Chorus – Timbaland – w/

Here We Come – Timbaland

Another one 1 – Here we go so wave your hands For Missy, Maganoo, and Timbaland We gon’ show you how to party right So pass the UHH

Who Am I – Timbaland

nigga wit the blunt steady trippin sippin on the concoction wit tha drum knockin head rockin’ betta get off bitches and killas in the front watchin flowin like I’m

Kill Yourself – Timbaland

Get Out, You Can’t Be In Here, You Have To Get Out. I Implore You, Please?.. Please?.. You All Going To Die Down Here… It’s Life Or Death, Either

Give It To Me – Timbaland

Is it going? Is it going? Is it going? Is it going? I don’t know.. what you’re lookin’ for ooooh yupper I’m the type of girl to

It’s Your Night – Timbaland

C’mon, ah, c’mon, ah, bounce a little, what, c’mon, yeah Ha, you didn’t think I was comin like that did you? Whooo! From the corner to

Bringin’ It – Timbaland

Yo yo yo yo yo yo Ha ha It ain’t over baby It dont stop like dat dat dat datdat dat Wah-kump Dat datdat dat Wah-kump, wah-kump Dat dat

To My – Timbaland

Can’t stop Say what? Play your parts Uh-huh, it don’t stop Nas Esco’ Say what? Huh, uh-huh Uh-huh, it don’t stop

In Time – Timbaland

(C’mon girl, I was just playin with you) Ah – c’mon, ah You would not believe – c’mon, ah What’s goin down right now – c’mon, ah Holla!!

Lobster & Scrimp – Timbaland

Yeah, uh-huh Uh-huh uh-huh uh… yo! Yi-yea, yeah Yo Timbaland, wh-where Missy at? (Ha ha, right here Dawg) Geyeah Uh-huh uh-huh uh Uh-huh, yaknahmean? (Yeah) Lobster shrimp nigga, I’m

Luv 2 Luv U (Remix) – Timbaland

Dance with me… yeah, tango with me (repeat 4X) In suspension like a sports car Shaunte got big lips and handlebars Put it on Tim like a porno

Indian Flute – Timbaland

O come here shorty. i like you. What? you like me 2? I dont understand a word your sayin but let me talk 2 u. I got my eyez

2 Man Show – Timbaland

Hold Up Not Yet Hold Up Now… Go Head Go Head Like That. Yeah… Mmm Thats Cool Ooooooo Bring It In I Heard That Come On And Play That

Shenanigans – Timbaland

Hmmmmm (OW) (OH) Hmmmmm (OW) (OH) Hmmmmm, c’mon (OW) Make them beats like you used to make (oh) Now keep movin (oh) now keep movin (oh) Make them beats

Feel It – Timbaland

What? Can y’all feel this? (repeat 4X) Ooh Snap! My head throbbin As I ride in my 3-4-8 mobbin Listen to the buddha brothers 6 to 10 there aint

Peepin’ My Style – Timbaland

Uhh I don’t think they ready for this Another Timbaland master piece Uh I dont think they ready Verse 1: Timbaland Uh, Timbaland the funky beat maka I can

15 After Da’ Hour – Timbaland

Ooh, it’s it’s so funky (yes it is) It’s it’s so funky (15 after da hour baby) Ooh, it’s it’s so funky (something always happens) It’s it’s so funky