Take A Good Look Around You – Timothy B. Schmit

Take a good look around you Do you see what I do Take a good look around you ‘Cuz I’ll be gone I’ll be gone Since you came here

Playin’ It Cool – Timothy B. Schmit

It’s a long hot afternoon Staring at the same old books Teacher says you’ll be out soon But, she don’t know how long it looks You wanna get outside

Tell Me What You Dream – Timothy B. Schmit

All of your life You hold out for love You give what you have Still that’s not enough What went wrong ‘Cuz now what we share Is too many

Running – Timothy B. Schmit

IfI do I don’t know when So I’ll just pretend you still love me All my friends will say The pain will go away But, that’s the price you’ll

Down By The River – Timothy B. Schmit

Let’s go down by the river Watch the river light Big old paddle wheeler Rolling through the southern night No need in talking you know how I feel Everytime

For The Children – Timothy B. Schmit

Once upon a time I – I could bathe in the sun By the ocean so blue I could smell the rainfall And watch the pure water run The

Give Me Back My Sight – Timothy B. Schmit

through my window once again Now another day begins And I rise with you As the hours drift away In my own world I tend to stay And I

The Shadow – Timothy B. Schmit

You’ve been so far away I don’t know how it started To be this way I want to tell you something I want to play with fate Come over

In Roxy’s Eyes – Timothy B. Schmit

Don’t know if I’m wrong or right There’s just so much I’ve got to do Don’t want to put up a fight oh The minutes are far too few

Lonely Girl – Timothy B. Schmit

Everytime that she looks away Somebody’s leaving her The price she pays An empty room A broken heart She should have seen it Coming right from the start She

I’m Not Angry Anymore – Timothy B. Schmit

What did you buy? You always were a by the numbers guy They brought you power on a silver tray But, now you fade away Where’s the weapon for

Perfect Strangers – Timothy B. Schmit

A baby’s born in New York While another’s being born somewhere far away They will learn to crawl after they walk The collision course that forces them together one

Gimme Some Money – Timothy B. Schmit

Nine to five Shuck and jive Keeping up and image Trying not to let it show Talking this Talking that Talking what they’re given I’ve taken all I need

Every Song Is You – Timothy B. Schmit

Played the fool and done their part But fools rush in, baby, so why did we? Another day, a long lonely night Instead of loving we’d always fight There’s

Something Sad – Timothy B. Schmit

I spend all my time searching up and down Looking for some other way Every now and then I will turn around Just to find that it’s a new

Was It Just The Moonlight – Timothy B. Schmit

Was it just the moonlight The way you held me Baby what a feeling oh It was shining so bright It seemed like magic Couldn’t sleep at all last

Let Me Go – Timothy B. Schmit

Seems these days there is no one talking Breaking up and they’re breaking down You and I fight almost all night Leaves us crying in the morning light Never

Song For Owen – Timothy B. Schmit

Not so long ago When I could just pick you up And warm your soul We’d sit and talk about the difference between The world of bad and good

Make You Feel My Love – Timothy B. Schmit

And the whole world is on your case I could offer you a warm embrace To make you feel my love When evening shatters and the stars appear And

All I Want To Do – Timothy B. Schmit

I’ve got a secret on my mind You may not believe it so please be kind Baby all I want to do is get next to you tonight I’m