(You Take) This Heart Of Mine – Tindersticks

Getting caught And when you turn your face your eyes are about To take this heart of mine And when you stop and stare long They’re so blind and

Plus De Liaisons – Tindersticks

Plus de trahisons Plus de liaisons Comment devineras-tu? Si je tremble dans tes bras Si je soupire dans tes cheveux Cette dernière liaison Maintenant plus de trahisons Plus de

Buried Bones – Tindersticks

That’s what I loved you for I could take away all the orange, greens and blues out of you That’s what I loved you for Take a look at

Dick’s Slow Song – Tindersticks

I’ve gotta fall with a clear head Don’t tell me of those mirrors I’ll show you what you want to see Pay no mind to those voices I’ll show

Dying Slowly – Tindersticks

I keep them away from me They won’t behave Won’t be what I want them to be I’ve seen it all and it’s all done I’ve been with everyone

Untitled – Tindersticks

The rays remained in the sun that day And life isn’t full of surprises You think you could steal in Pop over the wall in the middle of the

Another Night In – Tindersticks

And I can see you push your hair behind your ears Regain your balance Doesn’t matter where she is tonight Or with whoever she spends her time If these

Sweet Memory – Tindersticks

When I could reach out from the inside – the folds of your skin Watching the sun rush by isn’t as half as good now it’s all silent ’round

Ballad Of Tindersticks – Tindersticks

It was?????? and cramped The vodka running out half-way across the Atlantic Even the steward screamed and joined in it We didn’t think we were going to make it

If She’s Torn – Tindersticks

Tell you how I feel Is that so hard When I saw you There’s so much to leave There’s so much to carry around Gonna sit now Gonna sit

Sometimes It Hurts – Tindersticks

What got you to thinking there was something new going on? You’re wasting your time coming ’round here What got you to thinking I had a different song? Been

Nectar – Tindersticks

Yellowed by the sun Written that time our love was in its prime They just ran off my pen My pen is broken now Couldn’t eat a thing Couldn’t

(Tonight) Are You Trying To Fall In Love Again – Tindersticks

From the start, I hang off every word you say Oh, tonight, are you trying to fall in love again? Does it make it all right? Are you trying

Trouble Every Day – Tindersticks

You see trouble every day It’s on the inside of me So don’t try to understand I get on the inside fo you You can blow all away Such

My Sister – Tindersticks

blinking eyes? I couldn’t work it out. I swear she could read your mind, your life, the depths of your soul at one glance. Maybe she was stripping herself

Can Our Love… – Tindersticks

Now seems like the easy part Just turn round the corner You were standing there I felt the wind Was pushing behind us there It’s taking us someplace that

Drunk Talk – Tindersticks

Pull the blankets tight The drunks shout outside your window Light scrapes across your wall Think of me It never goes away Think of me, I know It never

No More Affairs – Tindersticks

No more fooling around There’s no more affairs Are you going to find out? If I tremble in your arms If I sigh through your hair This last affair

Until The Morning Comes – Tindersticks

If I kill you now, well, they will never know Wake me up if I’m sleeping By the look in your eyes I know the time’s nearly come Wake

Cherry Blossoms – Tindersticks

Snow white and black Deep and open Splashing against the windows Looking out onto a three-terrace town There’s a garden, grey-green And cherry blossoms Get in in the morning