Performer TOBY KEITH

You Leave Me Weak – Toby Keith

I’m the one who gets that look in your eye And I’m the one who feels you tremble inside I’m the one who steals those kisses from your breath

Baddest Boots – Toby Keith

In a drop-dead gaze She was peekin’ out over the top Of those wire-rim shades Now it wasn’t my charm And it wasn’t my grin That had that little

Beer For My Horses (featuring Willie Nelson) – Toby Keith

Said somebody’s been shot, somebody’s been abused Somebody blew up a building Somebody stole a car Somebody got away Somebody didn’t get too far yeah They didn’t get too

She Ran Away With A Rodeo Clown – Toby Keith

Cowboy chaser She drinks tecate like it’s goin’ out of style She’s real good lookin’ And pretty good at hookin’ Any man she wants with just a little smile

She Ain’t Hooked On Me No More – Toby Keith

I gave up on cigarettes to the day, I ain’t touched one yet But tonight, I think I’m gonna burn the whole pack. I laid off 90 proof, ain’t

I’m Just Talkin’ About Tonight – Toby Keith

That would be too demanding. I’m just talkin bout two lonely people who might reach a little understanding. I’m not talkin bout knocking out heaven with whether we’re wrong

Some Kinda Good Kinda (Hold On Me) – Toby Keith

She’s some kinda fine sho-nuff sweet Wrapped up in her love is I wanna be She’s got some kinda good kinda hold on me I can’t get enough of

Honkytonk U – Toby Keith

momma put me on a greyhound, and i went to stay with her in the summertime i’d box up those empty longnecks and stack’em in the back and make

I Got It Bad – Toby Keith

i got it blue i got it sad i aint got you i did you wrong you got the right look what i had i got it bad gone

Santa’s Gonna Take It All Back – Toby Keith

And you can have those earrings, too I’ll even get that TV set But there’s a few things you gotta do ‘Cause you’ve been lettin’ our love come second

The Critic – Toby Keith

He gets up real early on his mornin’ drive Down to the office for his 9 to 5 He drives a 94′ two tone economy car Loves to tell

Forever Hasn’t Got Here Yet – Toby Keith

Girl whatcha talkin’ ’bout, I ain’t believin’ this I ain’t settlin’ for none of this foolishness We can’t let a sure thing drown in a puddle of doubt It’s

Just The Guy To Do It – Toby Keith

Or they just easier to spot in the dark? Girl, I’m just tryin’ to cheer you up I saw you sittin’ over here all alone, with a broken heart

Jacky Don Tucker – Toby Keith

And at seventeen he jumped the fence He joined a rock ‘n’ roll band, got a tattoo on his hand Granny said he never had a lick of sense

We Were In Love – Toby Keith

If I could invent a time machine, then maybe We’d both be seventeen Cruising in my first car, neckin like movie stars on a Friday night Do you remember

Pull My Chain – Toby Keith

Got me on a short leash, tied to your screen door I used to run with the big dogs ’til I stretched out on your front porch Used to

I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying – Toby Keith

She shows her face to ask me how I am She says the kids are fine and that they miss me Maybe I could come and baby-sit sometime She

She Left Me – Toby Keith

ah yeah i dont know where they come from, man, i aint seen that much luggage in my life she was always bad about leavin’ especially every time i

Live Introduction By Toby Of ‘Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry

(the crowd cheers) In the days following september 11th last year everybody that was a poet or a writer or a song writer of any kind Had a reason

All I Want For Christmas – Toby Keith

At every mall in town Searching for that special gift for me Cowboy boots, a hunting suit That would be just fine But you can’t buy the biggest wish