Performer TOMMY PAGE

A Zillion Kisses – Tommy Page

I’ve been saving all my love For somebody like you It’s building up inside of me This feeling’s so brand new Nothing can stop it Nothing can hold it

When I Dream Of You – Tommy Page

Can’t help myself, you’re far away With someone else And I will never find another girl Who makes me feel the way you do When I dream of you

Turning Me On – Tommy Page

I can’t keep my eyes off you Face to face, you’re a dream come true Make me shake, the way you do Sexually, I’m attracted to you Chorus: You’re

A Shoulder To Cry On – Tommy Page

Life is full of lots of up and downs But the distance feels further When it’s headed for the ground And there’s nothing more painful Then to let your

Hard To Be Normal – Tommy Page

Something’s happening, happening here Making all my logic disappear I used to listen to what people say Now I’m living life my own way Tear down all those defenses

I’ll Be Your Everything – Tommy Page

To come into my life and in my world I can’t explain my feelings for you I guess you’re just all my dreams come true And I’ll be your

I Love London – Tommy Page

A beautiful night, is not a beautiful night It’s another night, without you I felt that way, on a beautiful day So far away from you I was walking

You’re The Best Thing (That Ever Happened To Me) – Tommy Page

As much as I need you You brighten my day in every way, you make My life feel so brand new And every time I think about the way