Stop Your Fussin – Toni Childs

when the sky is perfect blue and you’re getting everything you ever wanted to let’s not talk about the bad times we’ve been through that before it’s not right

I’ve Got To Go Now – Toni Childs

and the more I try to wake him, the more he sleeps I used to think I knew this man the tenderness, not the back of his hand it’s

Predator – Toni Childs

I feel so low, low, low and I’m feeling like I don’t know life I don’t know, know, know there’s something in my head something haunting me something that

House Of Hope – Toni Childs

children cry they’re the future of our time will they hold us to blame for all the things we’ve turned away I don’t like what I see now I

The Dead Are Dancing – Toni Childs

the revolution’s taken back whatever happened to the sons no more sunshine here only darkness here there’s no-one living in this town cause the dead are dancing the dead

Next To You – Toni Childs

if you want me to I could hold you maybe I could show you but I’m afraid cause you see I have been hurt before though I don’t want

Hush – Toni Childs

when running out of words to say no-one can believe it’s soul time when no-one else can see the light of day close your eyes and go to sleep

Where’s The Ocean – Toni Childs

where’s the ocean where’s the ocean for us and us as my body touches you and my soul entwines the view of an ocean and a sea of love

Heaven’s Gate – Toni Childs

came to me in the light of truth a beautiful dream that was till he died one rainy fall there I was a child bride widowed at ninteen, defied

Sacrifice – Toni Childs

looking for an answer today but though I cannot find some peace of mind I know that I will be fine as I find my way, to motherhood motherhood

Welcome To The World – Toni Childs

and go to sleep go to sleep my baby (repeat) let me welcome you to this world and let me tell you of my world how it is and

I Want To Walk With You – Toni Childs

I keep finding a room that’s in the dark I don’t know, shed some light on it maybe save me from what I’m feeling this lonely day cause the

Dreamer – Toni Childs

can’t stop, stop the breathing can’t stop, stop these tears for you my dear don’t know why it’s so bad this life’s been so bad I’m glad I finally

Walk And Talk Like Angels – Toni Childs

where are you from you want to walk and talk like angels talk tell me then some with a room by the sea and a voice in the sand

Daddy’s Song – Toni Childs

I’m standing in a field in my mind you can’t take that away from me daddy comes to me in darkness not in light why I gave you all

The Woman’s Boat – Toni Childs

and you are a man I was born different from you on this earth we both stand now, as a daughter I have learned rules and laws what to

I Just Want Affection – Toni Childs

I want to feel you near I want to know that you’re real, yeah that you are for real they say I have a problem they say there’s something

Tin Drum – Toni Childs

to a young boy weepin to an old man shaking his head there’s a cool gentle breeze in the night full of light as the red glow wavers in

Don’t Walk Away – Toni Childs

ripping out the root of love don’t walk away ripping out the root of love tell me now what is in my heart the kind of lies that have

Zimbabwae – Toni Childs

what you gonna do zimbabwae zimbabwae is a man who tried to teach his children what was right but then there came a time when war split the family