Performer TONI ESTES

She Can’t – Toni Estes

You can’t stand to see me go But remember every night and every day All I think about is home Then yesterday you called To say what’s on your

Told Me – Toni Estes

Toni Estes Here we go now Come on, come on Come on, come on (Oh) Oh, oh (Oh) Oh, oh That’s right Come on, let’s go I

Independent Lady – Toni Estes

(TR) Toni Estes When I grow up I wanna be just like you Uh-oh (And right about now) He’s back (TR presents) That’s my daddy (Toni Estes) An

Hot – Toni Estes

For the Y2K… new millenium… make it hot… Toni, drop the first verse… -1- Baby, since I’ve been with you I can’t stay away from you I swear what

I Adore – Toni Estes

Baby you know what I don’t know if I ever told you this before, oh I just want you to know that I’m in love with you Just say

She Already – Toni Estes

Paged me 911 What do you need? (ah) I’m gettin’ my nails done (gettin’ my nails done) You say you need me to call your girl She found out

Stupid (Nothing I Believe) – Toni Estes

(Okay) oh yeah Yo, what’s up, what’s going on Cut to the point, guess what People in our path is talking about He going down to the the pool

Big Things – Toni Estes

They don’t think I should go They say that, I’m dreaming But they really don’t know There’s more things to life than They’ve even heard of And I wanna

U Don’t Got What I Want – Toni Estes

What?! You don’t got what I want Why you gotta front Actin’ like you hot I had a feeling ’bout the other day How you thought you would play

Let’s Chill – Toni Estes

From the first time I saw your face Boy I knew I had to have you I wanted to wrap you in My warm embrace Visions of your lovely

Still Your Son – Toni Estes

That you don’t have a clue About what is going on But when you know you do So why you hide from your responsibility When I gave you all