Performer TONIC

If You Could Only See – Tonic

Then maybe you would understand Why I feel this way about our love And what I must do If you could only see how blue her eyes can be

My Old Man – Tonic

Don’t see eye to eye We take our walks outside Underneath the birch trees He said I think it’s gonna freeze this year I said I gotta get away

Queen – Tonic

All barter for the clean They all wait in their plastic lines To find what color means Cause they all wanna be queen And you do know what I

Waiting For The Light To Change – Tonic

Brazen is love’s redeemer When you have so far to go It loves the true believer For the innocence they own Life is good Life is grand When you’re

Thick – Tonic

Fly with me On your love she will depend Fly with me, my Love When you’re down, feeling low Not quite paid for not quite sold And they all

Soldier’s Daughter – Tonic

That says to me This isn’t over From the outside looking in You see there’s nothing sacred here Nothing sacred You can bend But you can’t break For the

Casual Affair – Tonic

In the world today You say it’s all about the passion And the wars you wage I’m not saying I’m one for violence But it keeps me hangin’ on

Mean To Me – Tonic

A place that keeps my heart out on it’s own A disconnected function of my wretchedness That keeps me so hard pressed It’s a place where words are spoken

Mountain – Tonic

She She came down From the mountain And I I stood my ground On the mountain Like a fire I’m drawn to her lust I can’t run from her

Sunflower – Tonic

To watch over you from up high When the wind blows I will kiss you like sunshine Stealing pieces from a perfect sky Because here you go again Because

Celtic Aggression – Tonic

Somebody spit in a little boy’s face Somebody said you robbed my homeland Somebody got the wrong impression So we came across the water From the shores of the

Sugar – Tonic

You’re looking like you need a rescue Underneath the southern moonlight Where only I can find you We can do it with our eyes closed We can sit and

Mr. Golden Deal – Tonic

Make way for the new bride Holding your tongue When they call another winner Oh there is more to this life Hey Mr. Golden Deal Tell me how does

Knock Down Walls – Tonic

Saying everything was fine Dressed up like a wife of a life I’ll never have It’s so easy to fool me You can turn me on You can turn

Wicked Soldier – Tonic

Oh tell the tale of the wicked man Oh tell the tale of the wicked soldier Oh tell the tale of the wicked man They say they heard him

You Wanted More – Tonic

Love Is Bold You Will ALways Do What You Are Told Love Is Hard Love Is Strong You Will Never Say That You Were Wrong I Don’t Know When