Performer TORI AMOS

Sweet The Sting – Tori Amos

With his hat cocked sure defiantly He said “I, I have heard That you can play the way I like it to be played.” I said, “I can play,

Digital Ghost – Tori Amos

Just one of my larks to see If somehow I could reach you so I swam into your shores Through an open window Only to find you all alone

Bouncing Off Clouds – Tori Amos

Is there a love Lost and Found Make it easy Make this easy It’s not as heavy as it seems Wrapped in metal Wrapped in ivy Paint it in

Martha’s Foolish Ginger – Tori Amos

Past a watermelon stand on the way Thinking I had everything we’d need on Martha’s Foolish Ginger You were late How could I forget what you said- the part

Smokey Joe – Tori Amos

Smokey Joe you’re calling at the station, “Love, it’s one of lifes complications” I did not ask for this “Oh but Love yes you did” Maybe it terrifies me

Taxi Ride – Tori Amos

Lily is dancing on the table. We’ve all been pushed too far. I guess on days like this you know who your friends are. Just another dead fag to

Jamaica Inn – Tori Amos

Just a little stitch to mend the hole He has torn If you can Maybe I got too set in my ways He says she reminds him of me

Professional Widow – Tori Amos

Don’t blow those brains yet, we gotta be big boy, we gotta be big, heh. Starfucker, just like my Daddy, yes. Starfucker, just like my Daddy, yes. Selling his

Talula (The Tornado Mix) – Tori Amos

Chasing her… hey… (hee). Talula, Talula, you don’t want to lose her (hee). She must be worth loosing if it is worth something (hee). Talula, Talula, (Sugar…) She’s brand

Dark Side Of The Sun – Tori Amos

If there is I don’t see it Can Heaven and Hell coexist? Not when both battle for dominance Brush back my tears and he said “girl We have to

The Power Of Orange Knickers – Tori Amos

The power of orange knickers The power of orange knickers The power of orange knickers Under my petty coat The power of listening to what You don’t want me

Dбtura – Tori Amos

Confederate jasmine, royal cape plumbago, (ahtz) Africa palm (garden), Snow-on-the-mountain, Pink powderpuff, (ahtz, hey-hey-hem) Dбtura. Crinum lily, (ahtz) St. Christopher’s lily (garden), Silver dollar eucalyptus, White African iris (garden),

Icicle – Tori Amos

Icicle, icicle where are you going, I have a hiding place when Spring marches in. Will you keep watch for me, I here them calling. Gonna lay down, gonna

Angie – Tori Amos

When will those clouds all disappear? Angie, angie Where will it lead us from here? With no lovin in our souls And no money in our coats You can’t

Talula – Tori Amos

Balancing cake an’ bread. Say ‘goodbye’ to a glitter girl (hee). Talula, Talula, you don’t want to lose her (hee). She must be worth losing if it is worth

China – Tori Amos

I can feel the distance getting close. You’re right next to me, but, I need an airplane. I can feel the distance as you breathe. Sometimes I think you

Your Cloud – Tori Amos

Where the words Jump off my pen and into your pages, Do you think, just like that, you can divide this- You as yours, me as mine, to before

Mother Revolution – Tori Amos

I guessed the kind of man That you would turn out to be Now I wish that I’d been wrong and then I could remember to breathe And all

Another Girl’s Paradise – Tori Amos

The way she paints the world – I want that in my life. Emeralds, you should know, are renting in her meadow. With a stroke beauty lives, How could

Little Amsterdam – Tori Amos

Hominy, get it on the plate girl. Momma, keep your head down. Momma, it wasn’t my bullet. Don’t take me back to the Range, back to the Range. I’m