Performer TOTAL

Love Is All We Need – Total

Love is all we need, It is the key that holds us together now. I need to know what you want, I need to know what you need, Baby

Someone Like You – Total

I’ve been looking for someone like you, Oh, tell me you’re the one. (Repeat x2) Verse One: I never knew how much I felt for you, Until you came

What About Us? (Remix) – Total

I like the way its goin’ down, I ain’t done a remix in a long time. I like to make it hot, I like to make it real hot,

Rain – Total

It’s gonna rain, oh yeah, Come on in for the night. It’s gonna rain, oh yeah, Come on in and hold me tight. Verse One: I’m so sorry baby,

Kissin’You – Total

Don’t matter who knows, I don’t care who sees, Me thinking about you, Makes my life complete. And what I mean by that, That my whole world changes, You

Tell Me – Total

I like that. That’s right. We gon’ smooth it out a little bit, For all you players out there. And we gonna sex it up a little bit, For

Bet She Can’t – Total

He said, you may not be doin’ it right, But I always get my way. Is it the way that I twist my big hips, That mak the bad

No One Else – Total

Verse 1: There you are, looking at me, Tell me what you want this to be. It could be everything that your heart desires, All you got to do

I Don’t Wanna Smile – Total

If you’re ever to leave me, How could I breathe, How could I ever go on? If you’re not here beside me, Then what good would my life be?

Move Too Fast – Total

I break your bones and your bristles, Get high like a missile, Blow ’em like a whistle. Buck my thangs like a pistol, Bang, bang, let me hear Total

Press Rewind – Total

Intro: I think you need to think back, When we were sexin’ each other. Tell me what you wanna do, Come on. Verse One: Say you don’t wanna press

Don’t Ever Change – Total

How many times have you seen me looking so happy, You’ll never understand. In time you’ll see how much you mean to me, Let’s not ever change, hear me

Trippin’ – Total

Intro by Puffy: Bad Boy ninety-eight, Total, Kima, Keisha, Pam. Missy, talk to me, yeah, yeah yeah. Rap by Missy: Bad Boy, Bad Boy, my mic sounds nice, check

Do You Think About Us? – Total

Tell me baby, baby, baby… Do you think about us? x5 Verse One: When you’re feeling kind of thirsty, Do you think about us, baby. When you’re feeling kind

I Don’t Wanna – Total

I tore up the pictures, All the memories of you, ‘Cause I don’t wanna remember, All the pain you’re putting me through. Here I go again, Can’t get you

Rock Track – Total

Meet me in the hotel lobby, I heard you’re looking for a freak. Me and you kissin’ in the elevators, Come to room three-forty-three. I’m in bed with my

When Boy Meets Girl – Total

Baby I can’t figure it out, Your kiss is just like honey. (Repeat throughout song) Chorus: You can’t deny what you feel for me, Baby, baby, baby, baby. See

Sitting Home – Total

Sitting home waiting for you, ‘Cause staring at these walls is all I do. I try my best to be good to you, But you’re never around when I’m

Can’t You See? – Total

You just don’t know what you do to me… *Puffy(Bad Boy) Rap by Notorious B. I. G.: Uh, Give me all the chicken heads From Pasadena to Medina Bet

If You Want Me – Total

Intro: Yeah, can you here me? Well, uh, this goes out to you. Do you know who you are? Do you know? C’mon. Chorus: I just wanna let you